hx of PE and similar symptoms at 22wks

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Re : hx of PE and similar symptoms at 22wks

Postby expert on call » Tue Sep 14, 2004 02:29 pm

All of the symptoms you are descibing are consistent with preeclampsia, but without eleveated blood pressures at this point it may not be developing this early. Deafness is not necessarily a complication of preeclampsia itself, but it can be a complication of prematurity which may be caused when infants are delivered early due to preeclampsia

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hx of PE and similar symptoms at 22wks

Postby kblake » Thu Aug 12, 2004 07:14 am

My first pregnancy (besides early miscarraige) was a twin pregnancy. I got a lot of PE symptoms early on but it never fully developed until about 34wks, at which time I was admitted to the hospital. That pregnancy was a result of IVF/ICSI. One of the twins is deaf.

I'm currently almost 22wks pregnant with a singleton. I do see a Perinatologist. Recently, I've had migraines with auras, dizziness, and a slow (trickeling) urine (at times)- all of which I had with the twin pregnancy. My blood pressure at yesterday's visit was 98/58, which I'm assuming is why I get dizzy sometimes. I'm overweight, have PCOS and a history of PE. I realize I'm at risk. Are these current symtoms a sign of what's to come, or just coincidence? Also, is there any way I can determine if my daughter's deafness is a result of PE?

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