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Re : URGENT - How early can PE develop?

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 08:28 am
by expert on call
Preeclampsia occurs extremely rarely in early pregnancy except in the presence of the pregnancy complication, hydatidiform mole. She might see her physician to rule this out (check fetal heart rate and ultrasound). Seeing a high risk specialist is a good idea.

Unfortunately the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia are very common in women without preeclampsia and are made worse by anxiety.

Her blood pressure is not dangerously high although it is high for her and should be watched carefully. An abortion based only on these soft signs would not be indicated unless she anticipates that the pregnancy with its attendant concerns is a source of intolerable anxiety for her.

Expert on Call

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URGENT - How early can PE develop?

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2004 09:29 am
by dougandsyd
I just found out I am pregnant. I cannot be very far along. I was on OvCon35 for birth control at conception, and with my last pregnancy I was on the Patch. My first pregnancy I was not on birth control and did not have PE. I have been getting dizzy and had bad headaches for no reason the last few days (I have only known a week). My BP is usually around 90/60, and it was very high a couple of times (around 130/85, which I have only reached when I was preeclamptic). My high BP is actually what prompted me to take a pregnancy test.

My last pregnancy, I started feeling symptoms of PE very early, around 16-17 weeks, possibly even a little sooner. Because my BP was not 140/90, My OB office was not concerned and blew me off when I told them things weren't normal. I was finally diagnosed around 32 or 33 weeks, but I had abnormal swelling, dizziness, blackouts, and high blood pressure far before then. I was working out at a gym and very healthy before I got pregnant the last time. This time I am not exercising and am overweight.

Everyone close to me is pushing for me to have an abortion because my BP is already so high. I am overweight now, and last pregnancy I was just under diabetic level (I was not overweight at that time). When could I develop PE? I do not want an abortion unless it would be dangerous for me not to have one. I have not made an appt. with my OB, and am trying to find a high-risk specialist to see before I make this decision, but your input would be so greatly appreciated.