Abdominal pain in HELLP?

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Re : Abdominal pain in HELLP?

Postby expert on call » Sat Jun 21, 2003 02:53 pm

The abdominal pain of HELLP is typically quite severe and debilitating. If your doctor has taken labs to rule out HELLP and these labs have been normal--then the pains you are having are likely the normal pains of a pregnant mom. It is good you are being so aware but it sounds like you are getting good care and that everything is normal. We encourage you to share your concerns with your health care provider.

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Abdominal pain in HELLP?

Postby sarina » Tue Jun 17, 2003 02:24 pm

I was having a "pinching" pain right below my right rib cage. I've had tests and HELLP was ruled out. My OB said that this was probably muscular pain.

However, in the past couple of days I've had a burning pain in (or under...hard to tell) my right breast. It comes and goes and isn't severe.

I was just wondering what the abdominal pain of HELLP is usually like?


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