IUGR/fetal doppler?

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Re : IUGR/fetal doppler?

Postby expert on call » Fri May 23, 2003 02:49 pm

IUGR or not, your blood pressure went "sky high", taken at home one presumes, get in touch with your caregiver who with both IUGR amd hypertension should be a high-risk specialist.

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IUGR/fetal doppler?

Postby megan9499 » Tue Feb 11, 2003 05:54 am

Hi there!!

The saga continues. On Thursday my doctor ordered an ultrasound to check growth, and the baby was smaller than they thought she should be (32w1d at the ultrasound). She measured 3lbs 8oz, give or take 6oz. There is apparently some indication of IUGR. Is this common with preeclamsia?? SHe is also concerned because the blood flow from the baby to the placenta is low, indicating that Molly is working harder to get blood and nutrients or something. Now my doctor has me going in for twice weekly non stress tests and weekly biophysical profiles, and has instructed me to "pack my bags, because it could be any time now." My BP had been down (now it's creeping back up) and my protein has been +1 all week. Yesterday I took my BP at home with the help of my home health monitoring system, and my BP was 150/100 for 20 minutes, and my pulse was "tachy" at 142bpm. By the time I got to the hospital and they left me in bed for 30 minutes on my left side, my BP went down. I'm doing another 24 hour urine collection, but I'm frustrated because they sent me home, and within 4 hours of getting home, my BP went sky high agian!! I'm almost afraid to go to the doctor anymore!! Thank goodness I"m at 33 weeks tomorrow!!!! What are some of the problems babies can encounter from IUGR? This is a new one for me, but my doc says it's part and parcel of pre-e. Thanks in advance!!!

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