Chronic Hypertension and pregnancy

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Re : Chronic Hypertension and pregnancy

Postby expert on call » Fri May 23, 2003 02:33 pm

The course of the next pregnancy depends on how long you have actually had chronic hypertension, how well it is being treated and how much and how many blood pressure drugs you take to have effective control. In any event there is a one in four chance you will have preeclampsia in the next pregnancy. Also, if your first pregnancy was interrupted at seven months there were probably other complications such as the baby growing poorly or other problems related to preeclampsia, that is if your blood pressures never rose above 150/100 mmHg. Thus, before attempting another pregnancy you might consult a high-risk pregnancy expert who may wish to do some tests.

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Chronic Hypertension and pregnancy

Postby jeanel » Wed Feb 26, 2003 01:31 pm

Hello everybody, I have a question, I look all over and I couldn't find an answer, 5 years ago I had preeclamsia, I had borderline blood pressure before my pregnancy, so I didn't take any medicine before but with my pregnancy went up, my blood pressure raised and I got preclamsia, it didn't get really nasty, I didn't get convultions or anything, just really swollen and bed rest all the time, my blood pressure was always 150/90, 145/100, so I was induced at 7 months, after that I was never able to leave the blood pressure medicine. Now I would love to have my second one but I'm so scared , I hear all kind of terrible things that I'm really thinking if I should go for it or blood pressure is under control but with the medicine, how is it gonna do with pregnancy? anybody outthere that went through the same?

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