Normal urine/blood, but symptoms...

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Re : Normal urine/blood, but symptoms...

Postby expert on call » Fri Aug 22, 2003 01:17 pm

I understand your concerns. I am concerned about your hypertension. Did your symptoms resolve? If not, I suggest you call you OB and insist upon being seen by him/her.

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Normal urine/blood, but symptoms...

Postby allyrae » Wed Aug 20, 2003 02:34 pm

Hi! I was in the ER last night for signs of pre-e...high blood pressure (for me), spots in front of the eyes, headaches, pain under ribcage on right side, swelling in hands and feet, and gaining a large amount of weight suddenly (up to 5 lbs a week). However, once I got to the er, my bp was normal, as was my protein and urine. I was prescribed modified bedrest, but when my ob called today (I didn't see him in the er), he said that the results were perfect and I seemed healthy (despite the symptoms??). So, I have decided to stay on bed rest because I don't think things are ok. My question is, what are the odds that my symptoms will progress to pre-e on modified bedrest. Is this all in my head?? (I tend not to believe my doctor as I was also diagnosed with hyperemesis and dehydration, yet my ob didn't think there was anything wrong...)

Edited to add:
Before I was pregnant, my blood pressure was usually around 116/70, and in the 2nd trimester, it dipped to 96/58 on a lot of occasions. Yesterday (26w2d) I measured it and it was 148/98, but when I got to the hospital, it was 130/70 (after resting 25 minutes) and after 4 hours of rest on the left side in the er, it was back down to 96/58. My blood pressure has never been recorded over 120/80 pre-pregnancy or during pregnancy until yesterday.

Little Brandon Michael is due around Thanksgiving 2003!

Prescribed modified bedrest 8/19 @ 26w2d

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