Naturally Low BP - but High for Me

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Re : Naturally Low BP - but High for Me

Postby expert on call » Mon Aug 25, 2003 09:35 am

Your blood pressure is well within the normal range and does not suggest developing preeclampsia.

Blood pressure can either acutely rise over a few days to few weeks to exceed threshold levels of 140 systolic or 90 diastolic, or can trend up slowly over a month or more.

The development of protein in urine is important. Yes, hands can swell as can ankles and feet in normal pregnant women without preeclampsia.

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Naturally Low BP - but High for Me

Postby jomag » Thu Aug 21, 2003 08:59 am

I have always had low blood pressure. However, a couple of years ago I started taking Inderall for migraines. Which naturally lowered my blood pressure more. I am completing my 29th week now. Over the past few days I have been swelling up from time to time. There are times when my hands, legs and feet are very swollen. I have gained several pounds over the last 2 weeks. It is visibly noticeable to all my coworkers. I have also started getting headaches again and my blood pressure is higher than usual. During the beginning of my pregnancy my BP was 94/60. Yesterday, my blood pressure was 119/72.

1) I know 119/72 is great for most people, but it is high for me. Should I be concerned?
2) When you develop preeclampsia, is the raise in BP and swelling constant or can it be intermittent?
3) Should my hands be swelling after a quick walk? I am 32 and in decent shape.

Thanks for your help. I greatly appreciate any advise you may have.

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