Diet question-

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Diet question-

Postby akemt » Thu Jun 23, 2005 09:12 am

Copied from my running post and moved here to not get lost. It is a different topic anyway.

I really don't feel like I've lost enough actual weight. I know I'm in much better shape already, that being in better shape will get me there, and that that is what really counts, but it is a bit discouraging still. One pound a week puts me at nearly 2 years just to reach a good BMI. 2 years!? I just wish it would drop off and I could run already! ugh. Anyway, dh and I were actually talking about this today. I want to run more than anything, but I really have to lose the weight for the sake of my joints and I would so love wearing normal clothes and being smaller! I'm thinking of going hard-core diet (well, not HARDCORE, lol, but a real diet instead of just "watching") atleast untill I can get enough weight off to really be running my 5K. I know the problem with "diets" is that you fall off them and then gain all the weight back, but if I'm running and burning 2-3 times the calories by the point I switch from hard-core dieting to sustaining my weight, maybe it'd be okay? Is that a stupid idea or do you think it is somewhat practical? I've always been good at maintaining my weight (beleive it or not - I gained all this in one year in high school and then those 8 weeks of bedrest added another 30lbs) and so hopefully running 3 miles daily (my hope) and going back to "watching" would be sufficient not to gain it back??? Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Ugh, and on a side note, my new digital scale is 3 points HIGHER than my dial. WHAA!

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