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goals and REWARDS!

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2005 07:40 pm
by akemt
Okay ladies - looking for some ideas here. I just finally put my goals in writing today and tried to come up with some rewards to go with each. It's hard for me to do because if I want something bad enough, I just do it, KWIM? So, the new clothes when I hit certain sizes are easy - what good would a size 14 do me now! And a dinner/date - we don't do those often so that'd be good. And I never get my hair done (trying to grow it out now, so a trim or even a highlight would be fun later on)

What do you use as rewards???

This is my list - but I'm up for improvement!

200lbs - new outfit (Via mom [;)] )
185lbs - dinner/date
170lbs - get hair done
155lbs - dinner/date
140lbs - get hair done
(that's where I've stopped - I'll be MORE than happy with that weight and extatic should I get even lower, but it is actually the highest possible "normal" weight for my height)

size 18 - dinner out/date (darned close to this one)
size 16 - some dressy clothes (have khakis, etc already)
size 14 - new clothes
size 12 - new clothes

run 1 mile -
run 2 miles - new shoes
run 3 miles - new workout clothes
first 5K race -massage!

Then after all those are met - either TTC or a dog...LOL [;)] j/k - kinda

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