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Postby cdingmama » Thu Jun 30, 2005 12:29 am

First off sorry my original posts caused such an uproar. I was just trying to warn fellow moms of a possible problem.

Some of the Moms that have found their children on this site have contacted the FBI the local police and the Michigan States Attorney office. There is also an NBC reporter interviewing parents. I do have a link to the States Attorney office to file a complaint and ask that this site be closed down. It is my understanding that the more complaints the office receives the more likely it will be shut down. If anyone would like the link so they can help stop these people e-mail me and I will share the link.

Again very sorry if I have caused trouble. Over 1 1/2 years on a message board and I have never had a post edited or locked and my 2nd day here both things happen.[:I] Hope you guys don't think I am a troublemaker.[:(]

Michelle stay at home, cloth diapering Mom to:
Caleb 8/31/99 29 weeks 1 lb 7oz Severe PE emergency c-section
Luke 12/31/03 36 weeks 6 lbs PE c-section

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