Guess I am joining you wonderful ladies

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Guess I am joining you wonderful ladies

Postby lucy » Sat Jul 09, 2005 10:31 pm

I should really join you guys, I have been walking and going to clean my dhs grandmas house which is huge excercise [:)] but I havent been walking consitently enough i have an excercise and regular bike but the regular bike I havent been able to ride since the kids came home since they still cant ride their bikes and my son needs a new one but since they will be gone for a week or two that will give me a chance to ride it. I am also taking niacin its supposed to help with weight loss I was taking diet pills but they were expensive and I was losing more weight without them go figure, I lost like 15 lbs in the first few days after losing Sebanna I have put some of it back on when I started eating again but I am aiming for 130-150. I am, ouch should I even say this [:I] 207 now, its the biggest I have ever been I normally stay within 150-170 or used to anyways! Anyhow guess I will try to come up with some sort of excercise plan that I can handle.

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