Crunch week 3 starting 7/13

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Crunch week 3 starting 7/13

Postby akemt » Wed Jul 13, 2005 07:02 pm

7/13 - 1,000 Okay, I did it mostly because I was irritated and ready to go to bed after spending two not-so-good days with wiley kids, with dh outside working on his truck...he said he told me to get him at 8:30, well, it would have been nice to know that PRIOR to 9:30pm! LOL Anyway, atleast I did emotional crunches instead of emotional eating!? No way I'm going to keep up that rate!
7/14 - 420 Boy was that hard after Wednesday!
7/15 - 100 crunches (+25 sit-ups woohoo!)
7/16 - 0 Forgot today! (busy day with birthdays, a baptism and guests in town for about a week now...
7/17 - Sunday
7/18 - 1,000 Call me sporadic
7/19 - 600
Total for the week: 3,020

(just to keep track)
Crunch week 2:
Crunch week 1:

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