good baby sites

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good baby sites

Postby kdreher » Wed Jul 13, 2005 07:53 pm

You all know I'm crazy with TTC..but I'm also a major planner and control freak [:D]I told dh I want to be able to take part in planning a nursery and have already purchased the bedding. (I don't believe in jinx and just know "one day" I'll have my baby) anyone have any great baby sites I can look at. I'm merely looking at decorations, furniture, accessories - no clothes. I have been checking over e*bay as well.

I am going for a retro style baby room - the bedding I found was cheap at Target online, its called "on the farm" but sort of a 1950's style print...really cute.

Yeah, I'm crazy..but so what!!! [:p]

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