crunch week 4 starting 7/20/05:

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crunch week 4 starting 7/20/05:

Postby akemt » Thu Jul 21, 2005 12:51 am

7/20 - 400
7/21 - 800 (hoping to beat last week, but not in just 2 days worth of crunching! LOL) -crunched in am and pm- Oy!
7/22 - 800
7/23 - 400
7/24 - Sunday
7/25 - 1,000
7/26 - 400 (still have evening crunches to go, but today is Britt's b-day, so it may not happen) 800

Total: 3,800 4,200

Oh, and I can TOTALLY feel my abs now! It is fabulous! Minus the fact that all the fat on top of them hides how good they must look [;)] But, now I can tighten my abs enough that if I get jumped on by a 20 or 30lb kid and have any forwarning, it doesn't hurt a bit! Not that we want to encourage that behavior...but it is nice not to be in pain from the random occurances. LOL Just thought I'd share!

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