running as well

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running as well

Postby youtan » Mon Jul 25, 2005 02:25 pm

I started running about 6-8 wks ago or so and then got way too sore and then sick - so I took a break and started back up from scratch on this interval program in which I'll eventually be running 2 miles. (If you can't tell I've stolen Catherine's plan [;)]) Yesterday I completed the 5/2 intervals (walking 5 minutes, then running 2 minutes) for 30 minutes. It went quite well. I actually saw 2 bald eagles - in KS none-the-less. That or I was in a delusional state LOL!

Frustration has definately kicked in. I was on so much bedrest with Jonathan and just exhausted after he was born - and so I never exercised. Until Jan - I started working out on my elliptical machine - and no results (no weight loss). Then in May I tried the SF for about a month and lost 4 lbs. Then I started running in early June. No way can I run and only have SF to eat! But, I'm back up 2 lbs. Its so hard not to see any weight loss after more than 6 months of trying really hard. Thank goodness I started working out - I'd have been gaining weight this whole time, I suppose.

Writing this has definately helped me to see that I need to be patient, enjoy the cardiovascular benefits, and watch my choice of foods. Hopefully as I get closer to the 2 mile run, I'll start to see results.

Question today: I'm heading off to CO for a week. Any suggestions how to stay on track while in higher altitude? Will I really feel a difference breathing-wise if, say, I treadmill it in a hotel fitness center?

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