Any ideals on cheap bulk dispoable camereas

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Any ideals on cheap bulk dispoable camereas

Postby lucy » Sat Jul 30, 2005 03:37 pm

Hey thought some of you may have an idea I havent thought of, I am having the most trouble buying the dispoable cameras for the memory boxes, the cheapest I can find is almost $4 each which doesnt sound like alot until you start looking at buying 100 for that price, so I have checked ebay and havent had any luck finding a wholesaler thus far not sure that they will even wholesale them but I really dont want to have to quit including the cameras as that is their only chance for pictures and I wish someon would have given me one but at the same time there is no way that I can keep it up at this point?
If I do have to quit including them do you think I should volunteer to go down with our digital camera at the parents request and take photos for them that way, I would have to go home print them out and take them back but with how fast our printer uses the 35.00 ink that may be spendy too I hate having to base my decision on money but unless your are crazy rich you kind of have to.

Anyhow if anyone knows of a wholesaler or has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

Oh one more question for the miscarriage boxes, besides a beaded "mom of an angel" braclet and pregnancy infant loss awarness ribbon with card plus the poems and links what else would you suggest I include??

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