Clomid question

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Re : Clomid question

Postby mada » Sun Sep 09, 637668 5:59 am

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Clomid question

Postby lorelei » Sun Sep 09, 637668 5:53 am

Can someone give me a little info about this drug. My best friend has been trying to get preggers for about 2 years. Every month w/out fail nasty AF shows her face. She went to her dr yesterday and they are going to send her dh for a sperm analysis (SA) and if that comes back ok they are going to put her on Clomid. She is pretty sure she is ovulating. AF is right on schedule every month and in the past she has done those ovulation predictor kits and she has been temping and charting . So if she is ovulating on her own what can Clomid do to aid in getting her knocked up? (LOL!!)

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