Our update.

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Re : Our update.

Postby sandy » Fri Nov 16, 637668 12:56 pm

Oh, Jenn.

What a whirlwind you are in the middle of right now.

You are doing all the right things for all the kiddos and it sounds like yourselves, too.

Wish I had some words of wisdom for you.

You and your family are in my thoughts!

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Re : Our update.

Postby lorelei » Wed Nov 07, 637668 2:45 am

What a roller coaster girl. I'm proud of how well you've held your family together. You are doing a good thing for those boys. They will appreciate it as they get older and realize exactly what happened. You've been in my thoughts a lot lately. I just can't imagine how hard this has been for everyone involved. Keeping you all close in thoughts and prayers.

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Re : Our update.

Postby jenn » Tue Nov 06, 637668 10:11 pm

Thanks Michelle!
Your a doll!!

May my thoughts be with you as well, as I see Tyler's 1 year angel anniversary approaches. Your in my prayers as well.

All my love, Jenn

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Re : Our update.

Postby michellelhuston » Tue Nov 06, 637668 7:16 pm


I am glad to hear that everything is going well as you all have maor lifestyle adjustment! You and your family have been in my prayer! I have to say that I truely admire all of your strength and dignity that you have shown to her family these past couple of week! Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about you! Take care!

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Our update.

Postby jenn » Tue Nov 06, 637668 4:39 pm

It's nearly been two weeks since the tragic passing of Luke and Tyler's mom. We're really all doing so well that it's nearly freighting. The boys are in counceling with an amzing lady. She has that preschool teacher calmness that's just mind boggling. I see good things with her. She put us in touch with our local Hospice House and they have arranged for the boys to attend a special 3 day camp for kids that have exprienced a loss. They are SO looking forward to it! There after they'll attend some local classes with kids specializing in loss. Did I mention it's all underwritten!! (FREE!) How incredible!

Luke is autistic which makes it harder for him to express himself verbally. But we've noticed he's having a hard time with sleeping and eating. Though not on a level that's medically concerning.
He otherwise loves his new room and routine. He's getting alone with his sisters much better FULL time than when it was part time. He's such a trooper!

Tyler is VERY chatty. He talks about anything and everything all day. And questions until your at yours knees! *whew!*
And he's really active. He and Jai are always jumping, running, swinging. Two peas in a pod. He seems to be adjusting really well.
Only down is when I have to disapline. I think me having to play the roll of mom makes his hurt come out. It breaks my heart. But mom first best friend second. I can't be walked on tooo much. I've really been trying to let things slide here and there during this hard time.

Jai is having jealousy here and there. Luke and Ty have been getting new stuff here and there and she has a hard time. She was way to spoiled before and this has helped me to tame that. Not easy.
Otherwise she loves having Ty here to play with full time.

Tali is too young to understand. She did have a whiny time at first and clingy. But now she's her old self and no doubt will always remember the boys as being here. She won't know any different.

Shad and I have gotten really close. Funny how you change gears so fast. We're all inseperable. Which is good and bad. We are havign the hardest time with having no privacy. I can't pee without kids knocking on the door, fighting, crying.... *yeesh*.
We're dedicated parents I'm sure it'll all work out in time.

But not everything is daisies.
The loss of a family member can bring out the worst in some.
My outlaws are SHINING right now!
My MIL wrote the ex-DIL's obituary and mentioned how they will deeply miss her. ?!
But don't be sad for me. We don't talk and never got along. I used my humor and told my family "when I die, please add that I will NOT be sadly missed by my "outlaws". [:D]
They didn't have a funeral, yet a gathering with her remains where we were invited to drop off the boys. That didn't go over too well. But I did it for their sake. God gave me strength to do what needed to be done. The boys said their good-byes to their old house, family, and mom's friends.
They did me proud with how well they handled it.
I wish I had their strength.
I nearly clobbered my outlaws when they pointed to Natalia and asked who she was and what was her name?!!!
Yea' it was that bad.

But I'm the better person and I'm moving forward and leading by example. My kids will raised with respect and manners. Something they (The outlaws) lack.

So it's over.
this is my new life and we're all for one and one for all.
Just sad that it had to be under these circumsatnces.

The coroner ran some tests and we'll wait and see if he rules PE as a cause of death. She might have even had HELLP... I don't know.
All I know is that PE is the ugliest bandit robbing lives and it makes me ill.
I'm so grateful for this foundation and it's determination to end this . It'll happen. I know it. In the mean time we need to continue to stick together and do anything we can to help.

My love to all!!!
Hope everyone is doing well!
I think of all of you all the time.


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