Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

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Re : Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

Postby purplefrogger » Fri Oct 30, 638314 7:20 am

well I thought it was a good idea but now after reading sonja's post I don't know. Anyway I went to walgreens and bought some mugs, hot choc. and some new mint truffle kisses and put 3 pkgs. of hot choc and filled the cup with the kisses. They had some holiday boxes that were like take out boxes and it all fit perfectly.

christine lyn
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Re : Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

Postby christine lyn » Tue Jun 25, 638312 11:32 am

How do you make your cinnamon and appplesauce ornaments? I want to make them for the holiday's and love the smell of them.

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Re : Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

Postby sonja » Sat Jun 15, 638312 1:14 am

I think that is a good route - I think that it is nice to give something that you would want to get yourself - and something that you wouldn't mind getting multiples of. As a former teacher, I know that one can only use so many mugs!

I am glad that things are going well for you. Here is hoping that week 22 is peaceful for you.

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Re : Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

Postby molly419 » Fri Jun 14, 638312 4:15 pm

Wow--thanks for all the great ideas!

I think that we are going to go the gift card route. Less wrapping too! ;)

Heather--I am doing well. Next week, I will be 22 weeks, which is when PE striked, so I have been nervous and in the back of my mind waiting for "crap to hit the fan" but I am staying positive, as everything is going well. Thanks for asking.

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Re : Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

Postby kara » Fri Jun 14, 638312 5:15 am

I remember always giving my teachers a hand knitted Christmas Stocking stuffed with a box of those cordial cherries. My grandmother always knitted the stockings and mom would put in the box of chocolates. That was WAY back in the day. I think Gift cards are appreciated. For "teacher appreciation day" we gave "visa" gift cards. It was meant for gasoline - that was when gas prices were peaking. They all seemed to love them. Since it was a visa card, they could use it on anything really. And the best part, is they sell those giftcards at the grocery store, so I was able to pick them up without making an extra stop.

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Re : Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

Postby canuckmom » Fri Jun 14, 638312 2:13 am

I've given hand cream to soothe those over-washed hands. I've given gift cards to bookstores for them to buy books for themselves (although they tell me that they occasionally pick up books for the classroom). Last year I made homemade peppermint bark (white & milk chocolate combo) which was also a big hit with the family. There are so many great ideas. Can't believe that the holidays are around the corner.

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Re : Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

Postby brooklynsmom » Fri Jun 14, 638312 2:06 am

I like the gift card idea...we have kids give coffee or movie giftcards...a student once gave me a plastic old fashioned popcorn tub (plastic, they have had them at T*&get for cheap)w/ some big boxes of candy, and a movie giftcard. I also really like the handmade gifts:). Anything is appreciated, really, just to know you are thinking of us is truly awesome!

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Re : Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

Postby surefoott » Thu Jun 13, 638312 8:48 pm

I second the gift card idea; especially to a fun place where they can kind of 'spoil themselves' or buy something wouldn't ordinarily buy, like the Bath and Body stuff, or a Starbucks/Panera type food place where they can get something fast 'to go' or some flavored drink or something. My daughter-in-law is a high school biology teacher and that is what she loves to receive.

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Re : Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

Postby amiejo » Thu Jun 13, 638312 5:46 pm

Is it a preschool/daycare setting? Last year we decided to buy Chic-Fil-A lunch for the staff at our kids preschool/daycare since we had 8 people to buy for. The kids and I made some homemade deserts for them too for the lunch. The great thing was that it was all delivered for me so that I wouldn't have to make another trip to the center. They loved having the lunch treat! Especially since they aren't able to leave to go out to lunch.

Most teachers I work with say that they love to get gift cards. They get a ton of the nic-nac type items and at some point they don't know what to do with all of them...even though they are special and very appreciated.

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Re : Christmas Gift Ideas for Educators?

Postby jenn » Thu Jun 13, 638312 8:11 am

I always get Bath and Body Works gift cards, about $10 each, $5 if they caused too much grief this year LOL j/k. It buys a bottle of bubbles for "one of those days" who doesn't appreciate that? ;o)
Plus they give you these cute little gift bags and tissue paper to put the card in.
You got some great ideas here, good luck choosing.

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