LONG time no...see?

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Re : LONG time no...see?

Postby akemt » Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:59 am

Thanks ladies. And hello! Mada, congrats on your son! We were actually considering the name Eli for Ian. Obviously it didn't win, but I do love the name.

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Re : LONG time no...see?

Postby mada » Sat Mar 28, 2009 05:21 pm

Holy COw!! You have been a busy lady!!! COngrats on your two little guys!! I had one as well...another boy;) Sounds like things are going great!! Nice to hear an update from ya!

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Re : LONG time no...see?

Postby caryn » Fri Mar 27, 2009 09:06 pm

Hi Catherine! Good to see you...

If the Br*w*r diet bugs you you may have trouble with the DEM curriculum, because pretty much all of the required reading list refers to it in the preeclampsia sections. (I checked.)

Are you having fun catching up on everyone's .sig files? :-)

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Re : LONG time no...see?

Postby kara » Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:16 pm

Catherine, so nice to see you!! When I saw "akemt" on a post I thought for sure my computer was acting up, but it was MUCH better...it was you!

THanks for the update... you have been busy. Stick around!

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Re : LONG time no...see?

Postby rosemary » Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:33 pm

Hey Catherine - so nice to "see" you here! How wonderful that your family has grown - you are one busy lady!! Keep in touch with us - we've missed you!

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Re : LONG time no...see?

Postby jenn » Thu Mar 26, 2009 08:43 pm

Congrats on your new additions as well!
Believe it or not I was just thinking about/ missing you!
Thank you so much for stopping by and posting this update!


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Re : LONG time no...see?

Postby mikeys mom » Thu Mar 26, 2009 03:12 pm

Great to see you around!!Sounds like you have been pretty busy :)

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Re : LONG time no...see?

Postby sonja » Thu Mar 26, 2009 01:55 pm

Wow, congratulations on the birth of Ian and Hyrum - how exciting for you.

I am glad that you are doing well and best of luck with your doula business.

It was great to hear from you.

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LONG time no...see?

Postby akemt » Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:50 am

Wow, so I haven't been here for ? 2 1/2 years?! As always, my life has been one busy ride and continues to be so. I will always share my personal opinions and advocate for what I see is reight, but I think I've finally distanced myself enough from the drama of it all... ;) That, and I've started a brawl over the Br*w*r diet yet again. Nothing like some good old common ground to bring you together, right? Okay, so maybe I'm not out of drama yet. LOL

An update on what's happened the last 2-3 years:

Hmm...where to start? I'll just list it.

We added 600 sq ft onto- and remodeled- our house ourselves (we did hire out the foundation work --never again!)

We started the adoption process and even went through two homestudies --long story about hwo the State dropped the ball-- towards domestic, older-child adoption and that was the end of that, for now atleast

Had my first unexpected pregnancy that ended in miscarriage (I was still around at that point).

We had baby # 3, our first boy, and thanks to Dr. E and treating my high cardiac output, it was as uncomplicated as can be. Weird, honestly, to feel like there is no point going to the OB so often since you can do everything at home!?

DH's job became intollerable so he got a new job and we moved.

Our house didn't sell and we moved BACK (Not exactly for that reason...dh has a FABULOUS new job here and we hadn't wanted to move to begin with). We've since sold the house and are now saving up to buy land and build without a mortgage --goodbye mortgage slavery!

We welcomed a 4th baby, also a boy, into our home a bit unexpectedly (officially in the "bc hates me" club) and again with no complications. I was even able to be delivered by a CNM-in-training this time around.

I've just started a birth doula business (literally "just") and am so excited to support pregnant women that way. I'm learning all kinds of things I was never taught before (and much to my delight my trainer was NOT anti-medicine, as I feared). The local OB's office at the hospital is even handing out my business cards, which I just gave them Monday, to their clients. Talk about advertising at its best. I'll let you know how it all goes. I probably can't post my website, right? I'm so computer illiterate that I used a template anyway, so it isn't fancy. Anyway, it feels like this is the RIGHT place for me to be right now. There aren't any others in town (we had two for about a year, partners, and they moved) and I see it as a big need.

I also just signed up for coursework for direct-entry midwifery. I haven't made the jump there yet as I'm concentrating on the doula work for a while, and I honestly don't know if I'll ever become a midwife, but I'm up for the knowledge regardless. It's an unexpected direction...

I've converted to constitutionalism! ;)

We're homeschooling our kids (Something between the classical trivium, "A Thomas Jefferson Education" and "Unschooling" )and it is going so well. It is amazing the things you learn as a parent. It seems like our eyes have been opened so much in the last few years and I love that. Each new thing you learn leads you towards others. Athough I still fear becoming my mother (Doesn't everyone?), it is a good feeling to know that atleast some of the mistakes of the past are not being passed on to the next generation.

I'm sure I forgot to add in most of my life, but that probably includes the biggest changes! Like I said, never a dull moment.

I've kept in touch with some "golden oldies" (Love you!) but am generally bad at that part, so I wanted to jump in and say hello to all who remember me.

How is everyone and what big life events have I missed?

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