??TMI..Question?? and Headache?

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Re : ??TMI..Question?? and Headache?

Postby jend01 » Thu Apr 01, 638923 7:58 pm

I also have hemroids and ocassionaly they bleed and it looks like blood in my stool and can be very painful at times, I haven't had a colonoscopy, but did have my doctor check it out and said if it becomes to much of an issue for me that we could have the hemroids removed. My my my what we go through as women and mothers :)
As for the headaches, are you on any other meds? I was getting headaches very often when I started on zoloft, they stopped after a few weeks, that was just a side affect. How has your sleeping been? Lack of, or too much sleep can cause headaches too.

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Re : ??TMI..Question?? and Headache?

Postby sam10 » Wed Mar 31, 638923 3:13 pm

Since you've had a colonoscopy, I am sure the doctors ruled out colitis ulcerosa, an inflammation of the large intestine, which is often accompanied by diarrhea, blood during bowel movements, and pain in the lower abdomen. My doctors have not indicated that CU would be connected to PE/HELLP. I have suffered from CU for several years. Medication keeps in under control.

I hope you'll feel better soon.

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??TMI..Question?? and Headache?

Postby km1317 » Mon Mar 22, 638923 2:40 pm

I had an emergency c-section at 38 weeks due to severe pre-e and HELLP in July 2009. At my PP check up appointment (at the end of August) i had mirena IUD put in. from the time i had my baby until the end of October i bleed vaginally. Now i have not had a period since then. This part isvery gross sorry... I also was bleeding rectally and finally had a colonoscopy done and they found a polyp and hemroids. The removed the polyp in November but i am still bleeding ocassionally with pain with almost every bowel movement. In the end of october i lost me insurance (medicaid), but am supposed to have it (they are "trying" to fix it), so no doctor will see me. So i guess what i am asking has anyone else had any of these problems and is it related to pre-e or HELLP?? Sorry it is so gross.

After delivery i was put on BP meds due to high BP readings and headaches, but was taken off of them at my PPcheck-up because my BP had gone down. I still get headaches now, but when i check my BP it is always fine. I have one almost every day and am always tired. Anyone else have this same experience?

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