I am new to this forum

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I am new to this forum

Postby suzieq8204 » Tue Jun 29, 2010 05:20 pm

Hello, My name is Sue Ann and I am from Texas. I am new to this forum. but would like to give you guys some info on my back ground and then ask a few questions and see if I could get help. I am doing this correctly if not could someone please send me in the right direction.

First of all this is my third baby and my third go around. My first son was two and half weeks before due date and they found pree and sent me over to deliver. My second one a little girl, they found the pree at about 22-24 weeks. and put me on bed rest. Which I did not do very well. but two weeks before due date I had a healthy little girl with the help of emergency c-section. Now I am 27 weeks yesterday and I have been placed on bed rest since June 10, and then hospitalized on june 18. I am currently residing in the hospital in dallas. and have done two 24 hour urine test. the first one told the drs I have mild pree. but not sure what the results actually were. I take a 24 hr test every thursday. and my last one said that I was spilling 400 in protein. My bp is low or fine when I am laying down and when I am sitting up it is slightly elevated. but it has not been that bad. well at least not bad enough they are stressing to much. :) but they will not let me go home unless I have a 24 hr test coming back saying I have NO protein. They say it can go from mild to sever really quickly.

Now my question is: What causes the pree? Is there anything I can do to prevent pree? or even stop it? Do I have to much protein in my body or not enough protien? What is to high of protein?? and what are the chances of it actually going from mild to sever pree?

I hope someone can help me understand this a little bit better. I tired to go to the chat room things but no one seemed to be in any of the ones I went to so I figured I would post here on the forum. Thank you so much for the help. Sue Ann

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