Weight Loss Buddies Fall 2010 Starts 9/21

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Weight Loss Buddies Fall 2010 Starts 9/21

Postby tree » Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:35 am

Hey Ladies,
We are starting another "session" of weight loss buddies next week. We will check in on Tuesdays with our current weight, change from last week, goal weight, and a little update. This is an informal thing - drop in/out at any time. Please join us if you want to lose that baby weight, get in shape for an event or TTC, wear your old clothes, or just get a little healthier before the holidays. It helps us all to have a little company on the journey, and I liked feeling accountable to you all. It helped me turn down that cookie/chips/etc.
So, please join me next week for our next installment of Weight Loss Buddies!!


Goal: 140 lbs (-18 lbs) by Jan 1 and complete a half marathon in mid-october.
What I accomplished last time: I started out struggling to run for two minutes at a time, and I can now run for 6-8 miles without a major break. I only lost 5 lbs, but that translated into one belt size, one jeans size, and fitting into most of my old clothes again.

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