230 steps! And more...

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230 steps! And more...

Postby akemt » Fri May 13, 2005 05:29 pm

So, I decided to try to run/jog while on my walk this morning...I've been reluctant to even try so far. But, I was able to run 230 steps/115 paces straight before breaking. It was way more than I had expected, especially since it has been a while and the lady in the book I just read could only do 10 when she first tried. It felt good though! I didn't push myself much if at all, mostly because I'm big enough that I don't want to injure myself by pushing too hard when I'm first starting out. Our loop has multiple hills, but maybe eventually I'll be able to run them too.

I'm still working on formulating my goals. Exercise 6 days a week, cut out the chocolate that sits around my house, drop some clothing sizes, lose weight, eat better so my kids grow up eating better, etc.

I think for now I'm going to be trying to walk the loop in better time each day, with running when I feel up to it (maybe graduating that distance each time too, untill I can do two loops in the time I have alotted - and hopefully when I reach that goal, I can be running most of the way?!

Anyone ever thought about getting a dog to walk/run as a weight loss help? [;)] We've been talking about getting Emma a dog forever but I've been leary about it with two little girls. Since I seem to be consistant so-far (4 days? 3? LOL It has rained though!), maybe it wouldn't be a bad incentive to get out there when the excuse monster shows up...

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