Gack - have nothing to wear

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Gack - have nothing to wear

Postby dja » Mon May 23, 2005 09:24 pm

Okay, today it really hit me that it was warm outside, none of my shorts fit, and my preggy pants are too hot to wear anymore. I made a trip to W_lM_rt to get a few inexpensive things, adn was aghast at the needed size. I lost 20 of my 40 pregnancy pounds right off in the first 2 weeks, and haven't lost a thing in the last 5. Help! I'm breastfeeding and I thought this was supposed to help it melt away....[:p]

Mom to Amelia, b/d 03/19/04 @ 21 weeks/5 days due to severe PE with elevated liver enzymes

Mom to Malcolm, b/ 04/02/05 & 37 wks/1 day - no PE!

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