Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Postby olivia » Wed Dec 15, 637655 7:18 pm

I wonder how many preemies actually get the autism diagnosis....the problem is being a preemie tends to mimic autism. My son has been diagnosed with PDD, but not everyone agrees with this. He is extremely social, loves people. He just tends to stim every so often and he doesn't talk yet. I put YET because I pray each day that he say something! But he knows his ABC's....all his colors, all the animals and numbers from 1-20. His favorite things are his books. He will sit looking at those books for hours! I hope his love for books continues when he starts school!!

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Postby cathyw » Mon Dec 13, 637655 9:26 am

My son John was born at 32.5 weeks due to Severe Pre-E. He has had occupational therapy since 2 1/2 years for gross motor delay and sensory processing disorder. I suspect he also has an auditory processing disorder but he is a little young for that diagnosis. He also receives speech therapy but is really only delayed in pragmatic speech. His receptive/expressive speech skills are okay. His main problem is Selective Mutism/Anxiety. He is only able to speak to a handful of people. He is currently in a special needs pre-school class under the educational diagnosis of Autism. We have received conflicting opinions from professionals as to whether he is actually on the spectrum or not. His teacher and every therapist who has ever worked with him adamantly think that he is not as well as a neuro-psych who evaluated him. However, his pediatrician and the assessment team at the school feel that he has PDD. At this point, I am trying hard not to freak out about the label and just work on the issues. Aside from these problems, he is seriously adorable ;-).

My daughter Katrina was born at 36 weeks, 6 days due to Mild Pre-eclampsia. She has had zero developmental problems and is actually an early bloomer, walking at 9 1/2 months, saying hundreds of words at 18 months and singing songs, counting to ten, identifying colors etc. It is so bizarre.

This preemie stuff never seems to go away. I think about it every day and get so much support from this website.

Cathy 38
DH 40
John 3 years (born at 32.5 weeks due to Severe Pre-e)
Katrina 19 months (born at 36 weeks, 6 days due to Mild Pre-e)

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Postby satoripooh » Fri Dec 03, 637655 1:39 pm

what a great topic! this pays much tribute to the fact that having a preemie child and being a preemie parent doesn't end when you leave the hospital.

we've been blessed and our little animal, who was born at 28/29wks (depends on who you ask) at 2.4lbs, has championed through every obstacle. he never went on a vent, only CPAP. he only spent 47 days in the NICU and came home with only a monitor and caffiene. he had a slight bout with pneumonia on his first b-day, and was also diagnosed with "preemie asthma". had bad ear infections for 8 mos or so, but tubes cleared those up right away. even cleared up his asthma for the most part. he's been steadily gaining weight, and now, at 2yrs, he's a horse at 30lbs and strong as can be! his speech is a little behind, but we havn't sought early intervention yet. so far so good! only time will tell though.

thanks for the thread!

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Postby mom2tori » Thu Dec 02, 637655 5:37 pm

My 30 weeker, 2pound girl is now 4 years old. She will be starting 4K in the fall and had her screening for that just last week. She has no vision or hearing problems. No immune issues and is rarely sick. She has had 2 ear infections her whole life. She is currently 47 pounds and healthy as an ox as her doc puts it. We are not anticipating any learning problems but being in school will bring any of those out in the open for us. So she is pretty much the perfect girl (with the exception of sassinessLOL)

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Postby jenandtheboys » Thu Dec 02, 637655 3:58 pm

Olivia, thanks for starting this up. I think it's great for all of us to occasionally look at the longer-term outcomes for our preemies, even in an unscientific way, just based on our personal situations.

I've got two preemies, and my youngest (27 weeker) still gets OT and speech, although mostly as a precaution. He just turned two and is mildly speech delayed, but absolutely perfect other than that. A ball of energy and bundle of joy!

My oldest is a 29 weeker (29 w/6 d) who is 4 1/2, and he has, like your son, been diagnosed with PDD. I'm emailing you also on this topic, ok? But, for reassurance purposes here, let me say this:
He didn't talk up through age 2 1/2, and even then it evolved VERY slowly. Now, he does talk freely and has a great vocabulary, but we are still seeing how the PDD affects his expressive skills, and also how it affects him educationally. He'll enter kindergarten in August ([:0]) so that is a big step. Thankfully, we have a wonderful speech therapist who's been with us since Andrew was 2 and has 1)seen all the progress he's made and helped tremendously with it and 2) shared his personal expertise about the autism spectrum with us, which has helped DH and I deal with the diagnosis and begin to learn what to expect.

Thanks again, looking forward to seeing everyone's updates!

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Postby thw75 » Thu Dec 02, 637655 10:20 am

My daughter just turned 3 and she is a former 27 week, 2 lb preemie. She was in the NICU for 10 weeks, on ventilator for 6 weeks, and came home on oxygen for 3 months. She is now 28 lbs, 38 " and totally normal. The only lingering effect of prematurity is that she is a little thin (tho not short!) for her age and wears glasses for nearsightedness as a result of stage 2 ROP. We are very lucky.

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Postby fiona » Wed Dec 01, 637655 11:05 pm

Hi Olivia,

my 30 weeker is now 7 and is doing pretty good. We did just find out he has a chromosomal abnormality which causes a whole spectrum of mild to moderate disorders, including a visual processing disorder that causes the most concern educationally. He has been classified learning disabled and we are paying for special tuition which is working wonders. He has speech therapy and is waiting to start OT/PT. We are also looking into vision therapy.

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Postby deerhart » Wed Dec 01, 637655 5:46 pm

Hi Olivia

I spent 13 weeks on bedrest with my oldest son, and while he wasn't a preemie (he was born at 37 weeks) he has been in EI and now sped with an IEP since he was 2.5. He has a mixed expressive/receptive diagnosis, ADHD-HI and we suspect an auditory processing disorder as his medical diagnosis. His spec ed diagnosis is Educational Autism.

We probably will never know if all of his problems are PE related in any way (though the ADHD and some of the social miscues are genetic traits) or if it just happened to be the luck of the draw (he also had lots of ear infectiosn as a baby which didn't help matters any).

My youngest son was born at 36 weeks but I did not have PE anywhere near as severe with him as I did with my oldest. He most likely also has ADHD (he has severe insomnia and doens't sleep without meds atm). But other then that he is a perfectly normal 3 yo.

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Postby olivia » Mon Nov 22, 637655 4:31 pm

My son was born at 28 weeks due to PE.....he is now 3. He still receives Early Intervention and is a special needs child. He is not speaking at all and has been diagnosed PDD(pervasive developmental disorder) which is part of the Autism Spectrum. I am curious to know how all the preemies born to PE are doing? Much love to all!

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