NICU Restrictions

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : NICU Restrictions

Postby sayonib » Sun Jan 25, 2004 04:54 pm

Hi Catherine,
I had a real scary time early Jan. was on bedrest and bp was looking fine until the 1st when suddenly I started experiencing the dreaded high abdominal pain. Called the dr, rushed to the hospital and my bp was 270/170. In like a few secs there were nurses and docs all over, they gave me shots to keep me from seizuring and to develop the baby's lungs and the baby was born after an emergency c-section. They took him out on time for the placenta had already started abrupting but he came out screaming at the top of his lungs. He was born at 31 weeks and 5 days at 3 pounds. I took some more time to recover since HELLP syndrome set in and my blood platelets went way down and I started bleeding through the mouth and it was just awful. I kept on thinking this is wierd since when my first son was born at 32 wks due to preclampsia I was up and about in 3 days. The drs did not tell me anything and nor did my husband for they were trying to keep me calm for my bp was not going down as well.
My baby is doing fine, and so am I. Thanks for asking and remembering,


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Re : NICU Restrictions

Postby catherine » Sun Jan 25, 2004 01:29 pm

Well that was sneaky, Ms Sayonib[;)]! I knew that you had posted before. Congratulations, I guess that little critter had no intention of staying put until February. When was his birthday, how big etc.? How are you guys doing? I remember that you had some wickedly high BP readings.

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Re : NICU Restrictions

Postby sayonib » Sun Jan 25, 2004 10:49 am

Our NICU is pretty good as far as rules, of course we have to scrub and wear gowns, and since there is a flu scare going on, no children allowed. They also had this rule on that no one other than parents can visit, however just found out yesterday that now they are allowing grandparents in as well. The nurses are pretty good most of the time, but I don't like the primary nurse my son has. For eg, yesterday when we went to see him we noticed the gavage tube out of his nose. When we pointed it out to her, she said casually "check to see if the bed is wet which means the milk did not go in him" and then she walked away. We were kind of taken aback by the comment. Also, I noticed some drainage from his eye and she said it was no big deal. When I mentioned it to the nurse practitioner she immediately put in orders for his eye to be massaged every feed and to keep an eye on it. I think it depends on each nurse for your NICU experience. Our first son was in the NICU for 2 mths and his primary nurse was just wonderful. With this one, I am planning to ask her to be changed. Also, some nurses allow us to take our baby out of the isolette, some dont like it, almost like being territorial. Calls at all times are encouraged and visits as well, except for during shift changes.

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Re : NICU Restrictions

Postby iansmom » Wed Jan 21, 2004 08:19 am

Great Topic! Can we forward these to all the hospitals for "continuing education"?

We had a great NICU experience. I was glad that we could designate only 4 others to visit. To be quite honest, I don't trust some of our relatives to stay away when they are sick - even now! Plus, he was at the hospital that my dad had worked at for 20 years! Here is my delimma. Ian was born in another city. So if I deliver early this time we have a whole new place to adjust to. I am actually nervous about that.

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Re : NICU Restrictions

Postby deerhart » Wed Jan 21, 2004 07:35 am

24 hour visiting except for shift changes, scrubing, no gowns, and anyone could visit, but limited to 2 people at one time (and one had to be a parent or a grandparent).
They did bend the rules a little bit for us and let 3 people in so that we could bring in our oldest son to see Mason (one to hold the baby one to hold him hehe)


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Re : NICU Restrictions

Postby sjs40 » Wed Jan 21, 2004 02:03 am

Our NICU was great. 24 hour visiting, max 2 people at a time, one of whom had to be a parent. No gowns, just hand scrubbing. We were encouraged to be there for doctors rounds. There were 2 'quiet' hours a day, during shift changes when you were not allowed in there, but even that was flexible if the need arose. Ellie was Christened during a quiet hour.

We were encouraged to containment hold Ellie from the 2nd day (she was stable from the start), and by day 6 Ellie had her first cuddles with both of us. After that we had lots of 'kangaroo care' and were shown how to lift her out of the incubator for that. We always had a nurse to help us with the monitor wires etc, but we lifted Ellie out from about 10 days old. We changed nappies and topped and tailed her from less than 1wk old. The attitude was that Ellie was our baby and we should do as much as possible for her. We also tubefed her with assistance. We were also encourage to hold Ellie after the nurses had done the 'nasty' things to her, so she knew we only did 'nice' things!

When Ellie was taken ill they were wonderful, and we were given a room to stay in, with meals provided (not that we were interested in eating). The doctors and nurses were so caring, and they even looked after us after Ellie died at 5am. Ellie's nurse was assigned to us for the day, and we were able to stay in the room at the hospital until we were ready to leave. They took photos for us, and even gave us a disposable camera so we could take photos of our own.

The strange thing about this experience is that I was dreading going to this hospital. I had moved house 3 years previously but had not changed my Dr as I worked 30 miles from home and it was actually easier to get to a DR closer to work. The hospital who looked after most of my antenatal care was in an affluent area and the one where I actually had Ellie was in a slightly 'rough' area. I am soooo grateful that Ellie wasnt born at the first one, I have since discovered that we would have been separated immediately due to lack of NICU beds in the 'affluent' area!

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Re : NICU Restrictions

Postby natan » Tue Jan 20, 2004 10:26 pm

There was alot I was not aware of at the NICU. (Of Course I had trouble paying attention).

For instance, nobody told us about a support group that gets together once a month. I found out from a friend of mine a year later that we could of been in the same support group.[:(!]

I think I needed more psychology support then anything. It was not really there. There were lots of rules my husband was annoyed by.(You can only hold him for 10 min, there was always somebody watching over his shoulder with the evil eye [}:)].

I don't have a mother, so I asked if my brother could come in from my side of family and they said no because we was not "a parent" or "grandparent". My brother still holds a grudge because they would not let him in to see Natan.

Although, I remember, one time I was breast feeding Natan and he still had trouble latching on because he was so small. His face turned blue and stopped moving while I was trying to feed him. He had to low of red blood count. I was so scared and confused, but the head nurse just said to me he is going to be fine. ( While they held that air bag over his mouth to help him breath). I didn't feel like they supported me very much during this incident. I was shocked and horrified, but they treated me like it was nothing to worry about?

We had to switch hospitals. While at NICU at Standford, I noticed that Natan was crying a lot. I didn't know for sure, but I new that there was something wrong, the nurse told me he was colicky (spell?). I insisted that the doctor check him and it turned out he had hernia in both groin areas. It bothered me that a nurse could not tell the difference between pain cry and colicky cry(spell ?). I was only a mother for three month and knew he needed help. [:(]

But he is fine now and I am thankful for that. I will never forget my experiences!![B)]


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Re : NICU Restrictions

Postby bhargavidd » Tue Jan 20, 2004 08:49 pm

I guess our NICU is pretty darn good too! Visiting hours are 24 hours, except for shift changes. We can call anytime too. We have to scrub up, but don't have to wear gowns. The only bad part is because it is flu/RSV season, only parents and grandparents can visit for now. I totally understand, though. The nurses are AWESOME. They are keeping us sane! I feel really safe leaving my little muffin there. I never thought I would! Thank God for the NICU!

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Re : NICU Restrictions

Postby cathyw » Tue Jan 20, 2004 08:45 pm

Our NICU was very strict. Only four people total could see the baby in the NICU. The names of the "chosen four" were written on the incubator. I understand the need for infection control etc (I am a bone marrow transplant RN) but this rule seemed a bit ridiculous to me. The other level III nursery in the area allows unlimited visitors. In my opinion, it is more important to spend time screening visitors for potential illness, controlling noise, making sure the babies are not stressed out etc.

My husband and I definitely loved a small handful of nurses but the majority were not that great (sad to say!). Some frightened me actually. I asked one nurse about the follow-up care our son would need after discharge and she repeatedly said that "we would be taking him to the vet--as in veterinarian--frequently and that the vet would be doing blah, blah, blah!!" When I questioned "vet?" she just laughed and said that she had a lot of dogs. Another nurse who was pregnant remarked to me how stressful it was to work in the NICU while pregnant. She kept having nightmares that she would have one of "these babies" etc. Although I understood where she was coming from, her comment was a little insensitive to say the least.

I always imagined that the NICU nurses would be a little more "warm and fuzzy" in their approach and that they were not. The very first time I went into the NICU to see my baby (two days after my son's birth and the lovely mag), my husband and I were literally yelled at for not calling down to the NICU first to say we were coming. We just stopped dead in our tracks and turned around to leave and then the nurse felt badly. It was totally traumatic!! This nurse actually became our favorite nurse. She must have just been stressed.

We were not allowed in the NICU during change of shift which occured three times per day and during the MD rounds. I never called the NICU because I did not really feel welcome to do that. We had to wash our hands well but not formally scrub. We were not required to wear gowns.

I am grateful for the care my son received and for his good health today but wished the staff was just a little more compassionate. We never gave this feedback to the NICU but my husband's co-worker who also had a son in the NICU wrote a letter suggesting that the staff be a little "nicer". Anyway, I'm not sure why I am rambling on and on, but I have been thinking about that place a lot lately since becoming pregnant with #2!! We will NOT be going to this hospital again and hopefully won't be experiencing another NICU....
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Re : NICU Restrictions

Postby angelkat » Tue Jan 20, 2004 08:12 pm

We were truly blessed to have a wonderful NICU. We could come and go as we wanted. We had the same Nurses (Primary Care Nursing) and we were ask to be there durning rounds as we were very much a part of the medical team caring for our daughter. We were TOLD to change diapers get feeds ready and do baths as Katlyne was our daughter not the Nurses and it was important for us to be a HUGE part of her life. They even had a support group for pumping mom's (A free lunch once a week just for support and chatting session). A 10 min phone card was given to us every day to make long distance phone calls, along with landry det to wash our clothes (since I lived close by I didn't use these services). They had small rooms for families to stay if a baby wasn't doing very well, besides having family waiting rooms with chairs that fold out to small single beds.

When it came time to make Katlyne's life decisions it was the Nurses that stood right along side of us, stood next to us when we took our daughter out side for the first time to see the sun light before going to be with Jesus. It was our primary care nurses that after we left the hospital for the last time took Katlyne back upstairs and took pictures of her as they knew we would one day want them. It was the staff of our NICU that came to Katlyne's memorial service and cried as much as we did as parents. I still see our nurses all the time as I am a part of the NICU parent support for new parents coming to the NICU>
(AS you can tell we had a wonderful NICU- just not a wonderful outcome but the only thing I would change if I could would have been the outcome).

Ben and I share Katlyne's tribute with the new residents that start in the NICU at times it can be hard but it's very important for them to know what a parent goes thru and also what it is like for a mom that has been thru PE and wonderful MAG.


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