Could use some prayers

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Re : Could use some prayers

Postby amiejo » Mon Jul 09, 638001 8:51 pm

thoughts, prayers, and hugs.

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Re : Could use some prayers

Postby tracey » Mon Jul 09, 638001 8:28 pm

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Ivee.

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Re : Could use some prayers

Postby onesock » Mon Jul 09, 638001 1:25 pm

Praying for sweet Ivee

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Re : Could use some prayers

Postby amanda » Mon Jul 09, 638001 1:00 pm

Oh Boo - I am so sorry! I hope more days brings better news.
I added Ivee to our prayer list at church.
Continued strength to you and to the rest of your family.


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Re : Could use some prayers

Postby mommy1st » Mon Jul 09, 638001 10:13 am


I said a nice prayer for Ivee, you and the family. You all will be in my continued prayers!


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Re : Could use some prayers

Postby caryn » Mon Jul 09, 638001 3:53 am

((((((Ivee and her family))))))

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Re : Could use some prayers

Postby blythe » Sun Jul 08, 638001 11:58 am

More prayers...

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Re : Could use some prayers

Postby annes » Sun Jul 08, 638001 8:47 am

Ivee is in my thoughts, hope things are better.

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Re : Could use some prayers

Postby aundapenner » Wed Jun 27, 638001 7:55 pm

Boo, continual prayers for Ivee to be held very gently in His hands and for His arms to be felt around you and your family, giving continued strength.

(((hugs of support)))

And please feel free to come here whenever to find strength, courage and a shoulder to lean on.

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Re : Could use some prayers

Postby fiona » Wed Jun 27, 638001 3:22 pm

I'm so sorry to hear this, Boo. Little Ivee remains in my thoughts.

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