I just want to cry

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Re : I just want to cry

Postby preg29 » Thu Feb 17, 638287 7:08 pm

Sending you lots of prayers and mental hugs. A good cry sounds like the ticket!

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Re : I just want to cry

Postby kara » Tue Feb 15, 638287 4:33 pm

Oh Boo. Sending you hugs and some more energy to keep this all up. I know words don't really help right now. We will continue praying for you and little Ivy and her eyes. I know several of our little ones have had the laser surgery. At least it's an option if things don't clear up. Please know we are all thinking about you guys and praying Ivy will get to come home soon so you have a little bit of normalcy again. (((HUGS))

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Re : I just want to cry

Postby hhbeachgurl » Sun Feb 06, 638287 7:24 pm

Boo, I am so sorry hun. I pray for yall daily. You so don't ned the stress of your husbands job, when I was about 23 weeks my husband was told that bcause of restructuring the company unlsee he upped scans to 12 a day (impossible because at 11 a day the tech didn't get a lunch, and they had increased from 2 a day when he began)- he was the admin of a diagnostic imaging facilty....anyway, instead of waiting to get the offical notice and the 3 months they would give him, he resigned. No job, me pregnant, and us having to pay $1700 a month in Cobra... 3 weeks later I was on bedrest and in the hospiatl.
I know how stressful no job can be on top of the other stress, I hope and pray things work out in that department.
I am praying for little Ivy's eyes everyday

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Re : I just want to cry

Postby fiona » Sun Feb 06, 638287 4:01 pm

Boo, I'm so sorry for all you're going through. How you're still standing, I don't know. I hope the next week brings better news - and a pay rise.

Take care.

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Re : I just want to cry

Postby hannahsmom » Sun Feb 06, 638287 3:49 pm

Oh, Boo -

I'm sorry you're going through this. My husband quit his job when I was 6 months pregnant. He didn't like his boss, so he quit. He showed up to my workplace (which was already stressful) to tell me that he had quit his job. Money was already tight, so my blood pressure shot up like crazy. About a week later, all * broke loose with PE - so we were behind on bills, my husband had no job, and then I was banned from working and admitted to the hospital by my doctor, not to mention that my baby and I almost died during an emergency delivery, and we were told in not so many words to plan her funeral. It was a terrible time for me, and my husband just didn't get it. And, to top it off, our the first session of our lamaz/parenting class was the day I was admitted into the hospital. I was very upset.

I'm sorry you're going through this. It's nice to have a place like this to vent with people who understand. It will get better, and Ivy will be home, safe and sound, before you know it. That will make everything worth it [:)]

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Re : I just want to cry

Postby jacobkaden » Sat Feb 05, 638287 12:40 pm

Sorry to hear that BOO, but better safe than sorry with ROP, especially Stage 2 and such rapid progression. Jacob's ROP got to Stage 3 and even after his laser surgery, we were told he may be completely blind:( . We had one of the best eye doctors in Ontario do his surgery and I will forever be grateful, as he saved his eyesight. Jacob now has perfect vision:) . Take heart, Jacob was in the NICU, then the PICU for 10 months, so I know how tough it is. You are so close now - I also want Ivy to see this beautiful world.

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Re : I just want to cry

Postby emersons mom » Sat Feb 05, 638287 11:33 am

same here, they cancelled our baby cpr class when we were told to get ready to come home, since the instructor had an emergency, little did we know that we would be there 3 more weeks! Be prepared for lots of follow up rop visits to the eye dr, we did not need laser surgery but were put on an every 2 month recheck after release from the hospital, when he turned one , it went to every 6 months, and our new fine insurance will not cover it....drives me crazy!!!

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Re : I just want to cry

Postby blythe » Sat Feb 05, 638287 10:03 am

Boo, hang in there! And I'm your "birth experience" gal if you ever need to vent [;)]. The one time I signed up for a class like that I was the only one and it was cancelled, too!

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Re : I just want to cry

Postby trish » Sat Feb 05, 638287 4:06 am

(((HUGS))) to you. I hope she comes home very soon.

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Re : I just want to cry

Postby cindyh27 » Sat Feb 05, 638287 3:56 am

Boo, praying for you and your family... what a long hard nicu road you and Ivy have been through... praying she comes home soon... I think you deserve a good cry. Also praying your dh get his raise ((hugs))

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