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Re : I just want to cry

Posted: Fri Feb 04, 638287 10:35 pm
by jenn
A good cry never hurts and I'm right behind you on that!
I've been following Ivy's Myspace daily, she looks so ready to come home and I know how badly your family needs her there.
I'm so sorry to hear her ROP has gotten worse [:(]
But with today's technology (laser like you say) I believe in the end she will have her sight. That I am ever so thankful for. There is a big beautiful world out there and I want her to see it! [:)]

I will be sending my request in prayer for your husband to get his raise, I'm sure it's well deserved.

I send all my love to all you guys!!!
kisses to Ivy, Jenn

Re : I just want to cry

Posted: Fri Feb 04, 638287 8:18 pm
by mnmom
Boo, lock yourself in the bathroom, run a bubble bath and cry away. I pray for you daily; that you will find the strength to keep on until that little girl is finally home where she belongs. You are so close!!!

Re : I just want to cry

Posted: Fri Feb 04, 638287 8:58 am
by season
I am so sorry. Cry all you want, you have so much on your shoulders right now.

Tell your dh you can't handle worrying about money and his job, he needs to take care of that while you focus on your kids, esp Ivy. That way it's not one more thing for you to worry about because one more thing is just too much!

Soon enough Ivy will be home in your "nest" but until then you are torn and it's hard. So agian I say, cry all you want - we can take it.

I just want to cry

Posted: Fri Feb 04, 638287 6:03 am
by mommyboo
We are now playing the ROP game. Ivy is so close to coming home that they decided to do her eye exam this week instead of waiting until next week. Well, last week she had grade 1 ROP in both eyes and stage 2 maturation. Today she has grade 2 ROP and stage 2 maturation. They are now talking laser if her eyes don't dramatically improve in the next week because the ROP has progressed so quickly.

I just want to cry. Here we are, just waiting to take her home. We were even told to bring in her car seat. I'm glad I left it in the car because I don't think I could bare having to take it back out to the car. I can't stand the thought of her having laser but I also can't stand the thought of her staying there indefinitely.

I know I only vent here, but I don't know anyone else that understands. I was even excited to go to the parent support class tonight because it was on Surviving the traumatic birth experience. Well, after I got all the bad news, I was then informed that I was the only one that signed up so they canceled it. Talk about a crummy day. This week, my DH also did something really dumb. He told his boss if he didn't get a raise, to consider this his 2 week notice. As if we can survive without him working. If he doesn't get his raise, then he's going to have to swallow his pride and beg for his job back. I just pray that he gets the raise. We need it so bad. Just one more thing to worry about. Maybe I just need to cry.