I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
for faith
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Re : I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Postby for faith » Thu Feb 20, 638290 6:27 pm

Praying for your little girl to get bigger and stronger each day. Thinking of you all.....

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Re : I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Postby hhbeachgurl » Thu Feb 20, 638290 2:23 pm

your family is in my prayers. Unfortunatly no one is sure what causes PE....it is a disease of theories because all they have is theroies... It can start so suddenly and progress quickly or can limp on for weeks. Sometimes it is the mother who is affected the most and other times it is the baby. I hope you find the answers you are seeking. Keep us posted

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Re : I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Postby yilmazms » Thu Feb 20, 638290 12:26 pm

Thanks all of you for your replies. We have so many questions but the 2 that we are concerned are, if our baby will be ok and what really caused this. I know that it is a long journey but we are dedicated to give all the support she needs.
my wife is obviously devestated. She was planning to have a natural birth,etc etc but you can only plan and we don't know what really will happen. We will start with psycological support from tomorrow once everyone returns from easter.

Jenn, you mentioned that our doc is great but to be honest I am planning to sue her. The reason is that we had a check 8 days before the scan and she told us everything is normal. Although she had a ultrasound machine right there, she referred us to someplace else and we lost 8 days. On her defence she told us my wifes weight and belly size is normal and all her prev results from london was normal too.but why can't you just turn on the machine and take a look for 5 seconds????!!!!
We have been told that she has problems digesting the tiny amount of milk they gave her. Praying everyday not just for my but for all parents that goes through this.

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Re : I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Postby amiejo » Thu Feb 20, 638290 9:12 am

Welcome and congrats on the new addition to your family. My first born was also 29 weeks and only 1 lb. 9 oz. Just like your wife...she was not being properly fed by my placenta. She is now a very healthy 6 year old doing quite well in 1st grade! It is a tough situation to experience and the road ahead with the baby in the hospital will be emotional. This is a wonderful place for information and caring 'listeners' when you need to vent. My prayers and thoughts are with your family. Please keep us posted.

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Re : I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Postby jenn » Thu Feb 20, 638290 8:50 am

Congrats to you and your family! And welcome as well.

Your story is amazing. How fortunate that you were able to obtain such a wonder dr. and had that scan. I'm sorry your Easter plans took a turn but look at what a gift you got in return.

Many thoughts and prayers to you guys.
Please know that we are here to answer and help in any way you guys need.
Looking forward to future updates.

Much love, Jenn

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Re : I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Postby onesock » Thu Feb 20, 638290 6:56 am

My prayers will certainly be with your family and new little one. Congratulations and Welcome to the boards!!

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Re : I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Postby kezt777 » Thu Feb 20, 638290 6:07 am

((hugs)) i had a similar situation happen just over a week ago, giving birth to a 3lb baby boy at 33 weeks gestation due to him not being fed properly in the womb. after his delivery they discovered that my placenta wasnt functioning properly (at first from scans it just looked like a problem with the umbilical cord). my son is about 2 weeks 'behind' his gestational age in size but i wanted to share with you that everything else has been going very well because his brain functions are all on target. he is just 'mini' for now. your daughter was born 4 weeks earlier than my son, but i have been doing a lot of reading while sitting around the NICU (SCBU) and these little babies are amazing! there are twin girls in the NICU with my son who were born at 25 weeks and weighed less than a pound each. they are doing very well and are eating just as much as my son is now! they are very small but they are strong and look great. im not sure what their age is right now, they have been in special care for quite awhile, but its lovely to see their mom being able to take them out and hold them and feed them. this is a great place for support and information, so please keep updating and checking back!

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Re : I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Postby aundapenner » Thu Feb 20, 638290 4:38 am

Welcome to the forums. I have a friend studying right now in Switzerland (we moved last year from the States to Germany).

Hang in there ... and come here for lots of support or to ask as many questions as you want!

How is your wife feeling?

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Re : I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Postby josiah1112 » Thu Feb 20, 638290 12:55 am

Welcome to the forums.I pray that your baby will continue to be stable.Studies have shown girls to do better than boys when born pre mature.We have many miracles around here!!Please keep us updated.

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I am a dad of a 29w girl weight 1 lb

Postby yilmazms » Wed Feb 19, 638290 9:56 pm

Hello all forum members,

Last week was life changing and suddenly I found myself father of a premie. Me and my wife live in Geneva/Switzerland and recently moved here from UK, when she was 20w pregnant.
We went for an ultrsound scan last week, because our new doctor here wanted to check herself if everything is ok. we had scans at early days and 20w and nothing was abnormal. If we had not moved, we wouldnt have a scan again!
The scan revealed that the baby is very small compared to her age and the placenta does not feed her, give her enough oxygen. Hence she needed to give birth immediately. We were in shock because we were thinking that everything is fine and plannning for a Easter holiday in the Alps!!!
Now we have our little angel weighing 1lb and 29w gestational age. She is stable for now but we are so scared.
This is our first baby...I am reading the forums now to understand what we should expect.
It is good to have people around that understands.

Just wanted to introduce myself. I pray everyday that God helps our babies.

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