Preemies above average heads?

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Re : Preemies above average heads?

Postby cindyh27 » Sun Jul 31, 638292 3:28 am

Carson's head seems big too... things that make you go 'hmmmm...'

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Re : Preemies above average heads?

Postby mahmasara » Fri May 02, 638290 5:41 am

DD's neurologist says that it is very normal for a preemie to have a large head (DD's is above 95%). He said that he can look at a 15 year old and know they were a preemie.

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Re : Preemies above average heads?

Postby trish » Tue Apr 08, 638290 4:20 am

>>>Both my boys have 99th percentile heads and 10th percentile bodies

LOL - my older girls had 5th% bodies and 95th% heads. I used to joke that they were 100% perfect! I blame it on my husbands pumpkin noggin.

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Re : Preemies above average heads?

Postby sherbear » Sat Mar 15, 638290 4:32 pm

My son was only 4 weeks early but had a big head.. I remember at all of his dr apts they would measure his head several times beacause they thought they werent doing it right! And it always freaked me out.. His father has a big head so maybe that is all it is. And i havent been told what percentile my newborns head is in yet for some reason.

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Re : Preemies above average heads?

Postby kezt777 » Sat Mar 15, 638290 10:24 am

All of my kids have big heads - my oldest had a head size off the charts and still does (he is 10 and was 3 weeks early and skinny with a huge head). my middle child has a large head and cant wear normal bike helmets, hats, etc for her age. now the new addition has a really big head compared to the rest of his tiny body so im guessing its genetic on my side of the family lol. but i also read in some preemie books that it is common for a preemie to have a large head compared to their body size because when the cord or placenta start malfunctioning, the energy the baby gets is sent to the most important areas such as the brain/skull and organs, instead of to the extremity parts like arms and legs. my little guy has SUCH a long back compared to his arms and legs its not even funny. so i guess he followed that little rule too??

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Re : Preemies above average heads?

Postby caryn » Fri Mar 14, 638290 3:03 pm

My kiddo is 5, and wears women's hats, and has since he was 2. He and DH share the same size adult baseball cap. (Actually, you can almost tell this from my avatar -- he's just 14 months in that pic.)

Women's hats are too small for me. They are also too small for my mother and my grandmother. [8D]

emersons mom
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Re : Preemies above average heads?

Postby emersons mom » Tue Mar 04, 638290 9:52 pm

always had a big head here, and i was a small baby that also had a large circumference head, my son's head has been on the charts since about the 3 moth point, but thankfully his body has begun to catch up. I have heard the survival theory that in utero, the brain/head grows first and then the it is common to have a stressful pregnancy produce a larger headed baby!

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Re : Preemies above average heads?

Postby staceynw » Tue Mar 04, 638290 6:58 pm

Funny Kara about DH's nickname growing up.. . . That's what we call Kayce. . . pumpkin head.

At Kayce's year visit, her head was in the 97th percentile, height in the 50th, and weight at the 20th. I just wonder if it doesn't seem like their heads are bigger because their height and weight are usually under the curve in percentile. . . know what I mean??

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Re : Preemies above average heads?

Postby hhbeachgurl » Tue Mar 04, 638290 6:15 pm

Ansleys head has always been small...when she was born i was 3rd %, it is finally now in the 15th% same as her height....her weight is in the 9th%... but dh and I both have small heads....I actually wear youth sized baseball cps, womens are WAY to big on me

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Re : Preemies above average heads?

Postby blythe » Tue Mar 04, 638290 7:54 am

Good point, SueAnn, but my little guys actually came out with heads proportional to their bodies, their heads just grew more than the rest of them [:)].

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