Baby loosing weight?

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emersons mom
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Re : Baby loosing weight?

Postby emersons mom » Fri Mar 28, 638290 6:29 am

same here those scales can be mis calibrated.....we have had it happen in both directions with over a 2 pound swing! I know when emerson was ivys age, he would take 2-3 ounces 8 times a day........almost every 3 hours....all day and night! it was the 22 calorie formula and he did have times where he seemed to level off in weight, but that was usually a developmental milestone....keep us posted!

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Re : Baby loosing weight?

Postby kara » Fri Mar 28, 638290 4:12 am

You know we had the same thing happen on a digital scale. Something was off and it said our 2 year old had lost nearly a pound right before her heart surgery. Everyone freaked out. The doc said, "let's try that again". We reweighed her and sure enough...the scale was off. Thanks goodness they reweighed her because medicine and anesthesia was based on her weight....and we wouldn;t have wanted them to under dose her.

I also ditto Jenn's thought on the human milk fortifier...or even just lots of extra calories from neosure. Were you doing 26 calories an ounce? You might be able to do more. But you shouldn't have to stop breast feeding. Also, you could try a nipple shield. It was MUCH easier for DD to feed with she wasted less energy feeding and at more before she was tired. We used the medela nipple shield with the cut-out so there was still skin to skin. Most baby stores sell them, but your pedi office might have one they can give you too. And like Robyn said, you should be able to drop into the pedi office and do a little weight check to ease your mind.

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Re : Baby loosing weight?

Postby season » Fri Mar 28, 638290 4:04 am

With little ones, different scales can make a huge difference. It probably would be good to swing by the ped to get her weighed there, even before the next appt.

can you feed mroe frquently? Every 2/12-3 hours instead of 3-4 hours apart? She may jsut need to eat more often to get enough calories in. Also, it may be better for her to feed on jsut one breast each feed. She will most likely get more hindmilk that way, and thus more calories.

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Re : Baby loosing weight?

Postby ladybug76135 » Fri Mar 28, 638290 1:26 am

I wouldn't panic until you weigh her at the doctor's office. They should let you pop in for a weight check any time you want to. Scales can be significantly different from place to place.

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Re : Baby loosing weight?

Postby jenn » Thu Mar 27, 638290 7:52 pm

Don't get upset. It could be the scale. Ya' never know. I promise you I weigh in 10 lbs heavier at the dr. than I do at home. *wink*

Have you tried / talked to your ped. about using breast milk fortifier?
And I was thinking, Is Ivy more active now that your home? I was thinking maybe she's burning more calories now?
Just a thought.
A call to the ped. doesn't take but a minute, give them a call and let them know. You might get some answers before next weeks appt.
Did you say 4 monthes?!?!
WOW! Time is flying by! I can hardly believe it!

I'll keep checking back for any updates.
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Re : Baby loosing weight?

Postby aundapenner » Thu Mar 27, 638290 7:29 pm


I've never had the experiences you've had with nursing such a young preemie, but I am still nursing my Henry at 22 months.

I would nurse on both sides, then he would get a bottle of pumped milk from DH while I was pumping and one time a day he would receive a super high calorie formula bottle. It is from that formula bottle that we discovered his milk allergy.

I found that once I weaned from all supplemental feedings (bottles with either formula or BM) he gained better.

Is there a BF clinic sponsored by your hospital where you can re-weigh? With that much of a loss, I'm surprised her diaper is fitting differently or clothes loose or something. Before jumping through any more hoops, I'd try to get her re-weighed (maybe even ask your ped if you can come in real quick for a weight check - they should do that with no problems). Then you'll know if there's really a problem.

Hang in there. And feel free to private email me if you'd like. I'm more thank willing to help out with BF advice if I can.

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Baby loosing weight?

Postby mommyboo » Thu Mar 27, 638290 5:03 pm

I'm a little concerned. Everyone just assumes I know what I'm doing because Ivy is my 6th and I've had preemies before but none of my kids were like this. She weighed 7lb 1oz at her appt on the 20th. Yesterday I took her to a WIC appt and she was only 6lb 8oz with her diaper on. Before she came home, totally naked she was 6lb 9oz. I'm a little concerned. I thought she was doing really well but now I'm worried. I know scales can be different but half a pound is a lot to be different.

I was nursing every other feeding and pumping and adding calories to that for the others but they told me to start weaning her off the bottles to just nursing. I only had her down to 3 bottles a day (from 4) and I'm in shock that she could loose weight from just that. When she does take a bottle, it's usually 3oz about every 3-4 hours.

Should I go back to the bottles? Is she sleeping too much? I take her in for her 4 month check-up next week and I'm afraid they're going to tell me I need to stop nursing and just give all bottles.

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