new mom with questions

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : new mom with questions

Postby julieb » Wed May 26, 638315 11:38 am

My 28 weeker was in the NICU for 7.5 weeks and getting him to bottle feed was truly the most frustrating part of his stay, for me at least! The nurses kept saying that one day it will just click and he will start eating. I felt like he was on one bottle per day forever! All of a sudden it really did click, they took his feeding tube out, and he came home with us after 48 hours of taking all feeds from a bottle! We were waiting for Mason to come home for so long and then he took us by surprise at how quickly he did!!

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Re : new mom with questions

Postby tracym » Sat May 15, 638315 4:20 am

It took until Kate's due date (maybe a week before) before she was taking all her feeds via bottle or breast. Luckily I was able to bring her home with her ng tube and do the gavage feeds myself. Even so, we didn't have an xx number of feeds rule, they were just looking for a consistent weight gain.

Maybe they can switch up the time of day that he's offered a bottle to see if that makes a difference. How much is he getting? I remember the feed had to be finished within 20 minutes and on a ml/kg ratio Kate was getting around 50mls (ccs).

christine lyn
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Re : new mom with questions

Postby christine lyn » Fri May 14, 638315 10:25 pm

Hi Janice congrats! My son was a 29 weeker and stayed in the NICU for 10 weeks. It took him 5 weeks until he took his first bottle. Hang in there he'll get it.

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Re : new mom with questions

Postby season » Fri Jan 29, 638315 2:55 am

Congratualtions on becoming a mama. Sorry you had to go through PE and HELLP.

My ds was a 34 weeker. He was only in th NICU for 2 weeks total. For him it seemed that one day the feeding thing just clicked. So it was not too gradual a process, once h was takinga full bottle feed they started adding more feedings and soon after he came home.

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Re : new mom with questions

Postby onesock » Wed Jan 20, 638315 2:23 am

Welcome Janice! How big was he? Sometimes if these guys are tiny, they get worn out eating, and they need all of that energy to keep warm and grow. My 34 weeker was 3lb 14oz a feeder/ took 4 weeks in NICU to accomplish those things. Good luck and Congratulations on your baby boy!

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Re : new mom with questions

Postby panguitch02 » Tue Jan 19, 638315 9:57 am

It really does change hour to hour. One hour they are missing 1 or 2 parts of suck, swallow, breath...and the next hour they have all three and are champion feeders.

Like Kara was saying...they don't want to tire them out b/c they really need their sleep to develop and grow. I was told if we didn't get Jameson fed within 20 min of his feeding time that they would abandon the bottle, so he could be put back down to rest.

Take care and rest while you have the chance.

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Re : new mom with questions

Postby kara » Tue Jan 19, 638315 9:36 am

Hi Janice,

Sorry to hear that you had the misfortune of experiencing HELLP syndrome and preeclampsia. You are in good company around here.

I'm glad that you and your son both seem to be doing fairly well, given your ordeal. 35 weeks is a pretty good place to be, as far as preemies go, that is. It may take him a week or two to get the hang of feedings, but once they "get it", they really get it and there is no stopping them! ;-) It takes some kids longer than others, so unfortunately there is no set time frame for when they do this, but typically they get the hang of it between 35-38 weeks. Now, since he's just been through an early birth, he may need a bit of time yet to figure it all out. Sometimes they are just tired from all the things associated with a premature birth. Certain medications they received, and any equipment that was used in the early days to help them out can sometimes delay the feeding process, too.

The NICU is a day by day, sometimes hour by hour rollercoaster. The NICU certainly wears on any persons patience. Preemies do things in their own time and in their own way. They are probably only offering him a bottle once a day because they don't want to wear him out. Eating is like excercise to preemies, and they don't want him to waste precious energy and calories trying to suck, so they step in with the tube feeds in between. As he gets older, he'll get stronger and eat more, and they'll offer more.

Until then, hang in there. Please post back with updates when you can, and of course ask away with any questions you may have. We're here for you while he's in Nicu and after he gets home (which will hopefully be soon).

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Re : new mom with questions

Postby haileysmom » Tue Jan 19, 638315 9:29 am

Hello and welcome! My daughter who was born at 34 weeks had a 2 week stay in the NICU. Her biggest issue was feeding as well. She had problems with sucking and did not take her bottles at all at first. It may have been due to the magnesium sulfate I was given before her birth, were you on mag?. I had read that it may affect babies ability to swallow/suck (just temporarily). They really progress quickly once they get the hang of it. I'm sure he'll be home w/ you soon.
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new mom with questions

Postby » Tue Jan 19, 638315 6:52 am

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Janice and I just had my first child, a boy, on 10/31/08. He was at 35 weeks born via emergency c-section due to complications from class I HELLP as well as PE. I am finally home now from the hospital (after a week long stay) and am trying to recover and figure everything out. My son, Chase, is still in the NICU though. He is now off of any breathing equipment and only has a feeding tube. Actually, feedings are his biggest problem right now. I guess my question to everyone is about this. How long did it take your babies to figure out how to adequately feed from a bottle? Chase is only being offered a bottle for one feeding each day, and he only consumes 1/2 of the feeding. I was just told that he can't come home until he successfully takes 6 feedings from the bottle. This seems like an impossible task to me. I just want my little guy home. It's so hard not to get discouraged. I know he is a fighter (he keeps pulling out his tubes) and will be okay, but it's so hard to be patient. Any insight? Thanks.

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