Flu shots!

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby fiona » Thu Mar 21, 638318 11:35 am

AFAIK, legally the contraindications have to list everything reported - whether they've been studied or not. So if I get a rash, and tell teh manufaturer, they have to include 'rash' as a possible side-effect.

I heard a report on the flu jab the other day, citing a man who had contracted Guillan Barre syndrome after it. The chances of that happening are 1 in 1 million - hardly a good reason for the majority of us to not get it.

At home, my priority is to do everything I can to protect Sacha - who had RSV his first winter, followed by two years of chronic croup - from getting anything that's likely to bring on another attack.

(I say this as the daughter of a man who had Gullain Barre after getting food poisioning - so I know how awful a disease it is, but also how rare and random.)

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby vaccinesexposed » Thu Mar 21, 638318 11:21 am

If it were me, I would ask the doctor for a copy of the vaccine package insert on the flu vaccine that is recommended prior to the administration. Please be sure to read each and every line on precautions, warnings, contraindications, dosing amt/age, etc. You will be quite surprised at what the manufacturer claims vs. what your doctor is telling you (medical staff do not read them).

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby cassie05 » Sun Aug 15, 638315 11:03 pm

We absoluely get the flu shot, this year we all qualify for the flu mist! YAY no shots for us :) I definatly prefer to get a lesser form of the flu then full out flu itself, so we always get it.

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby kelly1972 » Tue Aug 03, 638315 2:31 pm

We decided that it would be best for our whole family to get the flu shot. Nicole was a micro preemie and we felt it would be best to protect her. Dh works outside the home and I don't want him bringing it home from work. It works for us and we have never gotten the flu since we get the shot. I wish that Nicole was able to get the nasal mist because she was really irritable after her shot I never knew one existed. What a great idea! Most kids hate needles. I don't think its available in Canada yet. Hopefully next flu season as it would be good for her.

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby summerw77 » Fri Jul 23, 638315 10:58 pm

This is one of the ones we decided to skip. I have really debated long and hard about it, but after reading the final numbers in vaccine book that was something like 150 kids die per year from it, we decided to skip it. Apparantly the CDC stats include flu AND pnemonia, kids and adults, and their # is obviously much higher, but when it was broken down to just children, it was 150 or less per year I believe. Since I am only doing a few vaccines and want to pick them carefully, we skipped that one. Possibly next year or the year after, but since he's already had 2 series this year, I'm skipping it. It's a very hard decision and good luck. If you do it, you can request to have a mercury free version. Flu shot still has mercury (some of them I mean). Also I read that if you do the nasal it's a live virus and can be contagious for 3 weeks after????? If I remember right it said that. I think the best book to choose which vaccines to give is Dr. Sears the vaccine book. It gives the pros/cons, stats of sick kids and deaths, and ingredients to the shots. It really helped me decide on which shots to do. Also, the current theory about this subject is not which shots we give but how many..........the current thought is just the sheer number of shots we give. So you are smart to consider each one individually IMO. I am really worried about skipping this one too so I know how you feel, it's a tough decision. I have been back and forth on it for months now. I am still back and forth on a couple of others too it' slike how do u make the right decision u know. It's very difficult to decide.

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby hols537 » Fri Jul 23, 638315 1:29 am

Holly - just curious... Why couldn't Braden get the nose spray while you were pregnant? We all got the shot so I don't know much about the nasal spray.

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby mommy1st » Thu Jul 22, 638315 1:13 pm

Braden has gotten one every year but this year he wasn't able to get the nasal flu mist thingy they put up the nose because I'm pregnant. He's gotten it every year and has never gotten the flu, I know that happens sometimes- getting it then getting sick!

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby emersons mom » Mon Jun 28, 638315 5:28 pm

we did the nasal flu mist for all of us this year, but last year my son was under 2 and had the shot, no issues from it, from the nasal mist this year son was fine, it lasts supposedly a year and helps combat more strains of flu, but both my husband and I felt sick for the 5 days after we had the mist, which was a warned side effect, not sure if we will do the mist again for us it was like a mild flu, low grade fever and achy, but we have been told by ped that he recommends the mist for the longer season, we just fear any illness and in our area last year the flu was very pervasive! none of us got it though!

christine lyn
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Re : Flu shots!

Postby christine lyn » Sat Jun 19, 638315 12:10 am

Thanks everyone. We're going to the pedi. in a few weeks for it but just was wondering on everyone's thoughts.

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby jenndola » Fri Jun 18, 638315 12:25 pm

We get the flu shot every year. The one thing to remember about the nasal mist--FluMist--is that it can only be used over age 2, because it contains a strain of live virus. So for younger tots, like my Gideon, there's no choice but a shot.

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