Flu shots!

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby mnmom » Fri Jun 18, 638315 10:55 am

The boys got the nasal mist stuff this year. They said it tasted terrible, but no poke! They get them every year.

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby haileysmom » Fri Jun 18, 638315 4:32 am

My daughter, DH and I get them. Our baby won't be getting one this year. You may just want to make sure your child gets the mercury free vaccine, some flu shots still have thimerasol. I think most peds use the thimerasol free version in young children.

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby kara » Fri Jun 18, 638315 3:58 am

I haven't really heard a lot of bad press about the flu shot. It is an absolute MUST in our house. We all get one. We were required to have one when we brought DD home from NICU, and she got her first one the first winter season she was allowed (she was about 9 months old). The flu shot is a dead virus, so it can't give the flu. The CDC reccomends flu shots partoicularly for children, the elderly, and anyone with depressed immune systems.

Talk to his pedi if you haven concerns.

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby hols537 » Thu Jun 17, 638315 3:29 pm

Yes. Everyone in our house that is allowed gets it. I'm of the opinion that any potential risks are outweighed by the benefit. So far, it's looking like a nasty cold season around here - hoping the same is not true of the flu, but at least I know we've got a fighting chance against it. I've always gotten them myself because I have asthma and have never (knock on wood) had the flu or any problem other than a sore arm.

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Re : Flu shots!

Postby aundapenner » Thu Jun 17, 638315 9:01 am

No. But we wanted to. His doctor last year wouldn't give it to us and he did not get sick. But we got it this year and will probably in the future.

But Henry has been susceptible to every cold that goes around ... so that definately helped us with our decision.

christine lyn
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Flu shots!

Postby christine lyn » Tue Jun 08, 638315 12:52 am

Does anyone get a flu shot every year for their child? I'm debating about getting it for my son because of all the negative new's you here about it.

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