maintainence of body temps--Adam UPDATE 2-25-09

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Re : maintainence of body temps--Adam UPDATE 2-25-09

Postby rosalinda » Tue Feb 24, 2009 06:53 pm

Have you tried skin to skin contact with mommy? (baby wearing only a diaper on mommy's bare chest)

This would often help warm babies up quickly in the hospital.

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Re : maintainence of body temps--Adam UPDATE 2-25-09

Postby kara » Tue Feb 24, 2009 06:33 pm

We had the heat at 80 with 4 thin layers and a hat on. You have to be careful because they can OVERheat too. SO make sure you keep taking his temp. The rule in our NICU was that they had to keep their temps up with 4 layers and a 74-80 degree room. And remember he is used to the extra warm temps in the Nicu. It's definitely an art, not a science.

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Re : maintainence of body temps--Adam UPDATE 2-25-09

Postby amanda » Tue Feb 24, 2009 06:23 pm

I would do one other thing - I would socks underneath the sleeper and remember that thin layers are better than thick layers. If it makes feel better though we had our heat cranked up to 74-76 when Anna Grace came home for quite a while which created a HIGH gas bill so that is also a good idea. I like fleece but I also liked those little gerber receiving blankets (the stretchy knit ones - hope that makes sense) a little better since I just thought that they held in the heat more. Do you have those little hospital hats as well? Maybe add one of those under the fleece. Finally, do you have a sling or a wrap? If so then 'wearing' him and holding him close is the best way to keep him warmed up!

But then again, if you do all that you might REALLY need to take his temp - I might have just made him TOO hot! :)
Noah comes home tomorrow!!! Yipppee!!!

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maintainence of body temps--Adam UPDATE 2-25-09

Postby darateacher » Tue Feb 24, 2009 06:09 pm

Last night went well. Then, at 4AM, Adam's temp went from 98.3 to 97.2. So, we bundled up his feet, since his feet felt cold. He was already wearing a hat.

At 9AM, we took his temp again. This time it was 96.5! We got him to the pedi's office and we sat there for three hours warming him up to 98.7. The pedi is not happy that the ISCU won't take Adam back. Says it's environmental. So, we raised the heat to 72 degrees, and will raise it to 74 tonight. We have Adam bundled up wearing an undershirt, sleeper with feet on top of that, a swaddle-me, a fleece blanket swaddled around him and a fleece blanket on top of that. Plus, he's wearing a fleece hat, and I have a knit blanket around the bottom of him where his feet should be. Hope this works! The pedi and docs at the ISCU say that once he's been "reheated" he should be able to maintain his temp. Anyone else experience this? If so, what'd you do?

Other than this, he's been sleeping well, eating well, pooping and peeing well. I love this little boy! Noah comes home tomorrow. OMG!!! :-)


Looks like all the layers work well. His lowest temp, if he's not unbundled for more than a diaper change is 98.0, and his highest is at 98.8. BUT, I was getting him ready for a bath and took his temp. Must've had him out of his blankets too long...97.2. *sigh* So, after the spot bath, I bundled him up with a "swaddle me", a fleece hat, a fleece blanket on top of the "swaddle me" and a knit blanket on top of that. I know it's not too much, but for how long do I have/need to do this? He normally kept his temps up at the ISCU even after being unbundled for a few minutes.

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