Does Reglan work?

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Does Reglan work?

Postby holiday » Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:56 am

My 24 weeker may come home soon and like most moms who experience HELLP my milk hasn't came in that good. I have been pumping for 3 months and 1 week never feeding the baby, only the machine.

My OB office for this pregnancy had 2 doctors. One was leaving and the other didn't want to be on call for childbirths so they told us to find new doctor.

I made appt with new doctor but never made it because of HELLP and delivered in an emergency situation at a totally different hospital than planned.

Well, now I need Reglan. It means ALOT to me to breastfeed. I have breastfed my other kids. I love the nursing relationship.

My family doctor won't prescribe Reglan to me. She tells me get it from an OB. Well the first OB place isn't even in existence anymore. The one doctor moved like planned and the other one unexpectedly died. She told me find an OB. But they may not prescribe it to me either since they didn't take care of this pregnancy!

I asked LC at hospital if she could find out what doctor delivered my baby and see if they could prescribe it to me. But long story short, she said it needed to be my family doctor. UGH!!!

Is it even worth trying to call around and find an OB or new doctor that will prescribe it to me?

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