uncontrollable movements

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Re : uncontrollable movements

Postby jacobkaden » Mon Mar 12, 638942 10:30 pm

My son was a 26 weeker and also has cerebral palsy (CP). I was told that about 1/3 of preemies are born with some form of CP. The risk is higher, the younger the gestational age. I agree with Jamie - it's best to follow up with your pediatrician and/or neonatologist because if it is CP, early intervention is key. It's often difficult to diagnose CP before 1 to 2 years of age, unless it's quite severe. Some of the movements you are describing could be attributable to "normal" nervous system development. Prayers that's all it is. On the other hand, when our son was diagnosed with CP, I was devastated and never thought I could cope. Fast forward 3 years and we adore him, he's a happy boy and I rarely cry over "what could have been". In short, even if it is CP, it's not the end of the world, it's just a different world. Good luck!

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Re : uncontrollable movements

Postby kara » Wed Dec 02, 638939 2:25 pm

I agree with Jamie. Preemies often have erratic movements as their nervous systems are still developing. I would bring it up with the pedi. You are probably seeing the pedi frequently still. If the pedi doesn't listen you can call the neonatologist at the nicu. This is especially true if your pedi doesn't have much experience with preemies.

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Re : uncontrollable movements

Postby jamie w » Tue Dec 01, 638939 4:39 pm

I do not have a preemie but I do have a child with cerebral palsy. She had a ton of feeding difficulties and also had very erratic movements. That being said, I think lots of nomal babies have erratic movements too. I think if you are concerned I would certainly take it up with your pediatrician. If the pediatrician does not listen I would not hesitate to get in to see a neurologist if you are still concerned. If there is something wrong, early intervention is the key!

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uncontrollable movements

Postby preemomof2 » Wed Oct 28, 638939 10:16 am

Okay this may be normal but I'm really not sure. Does anyone have a preemie that seems like they can't grasp on to the bottle nipple or just continuously move their hands in a rapid motion. My daughter 27 weeks 6days gestation, now 11 weeks, seems to have this problem. She hates being swaddled because she can't move her hands like she wants to. Also when its time for her to eat, she just opens her mouth and tries to fit the bottle nipple in her mouth as if it was bigger. Its kind of hard to explain. This didnt happen while she was in the hospital. She grasp on to the nipple perfectly, and it the same exact nipple type. Also when she's laying on my chest, she moves her head up and down, like she can't just lay her head down on me. I'm hear to listen to any advice.

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