Eclampsia survivor

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : Eclampsia survivor

Postby mamatchka » Thu Oct 07, 2010 08:20 am

hi there, thank you for reading my story and for the warm response, yep, we are on the same boat with this kind of condition, i was really sick for the whole 7 months, imagine during the 6 month of my pregnancy, i only weigh 42 kilos.

oh wow! twins, adorable 2 little boys of yours. you know, we are hoping to have twins too, well, probably in 4 or 5 years from now. oh really? wow, its one of a kind experience inside that scary place and of course, we waited to see them for a long time and you cannot see or touch them immediately. but well, thank God, we made it both safe.

really? so how are they? what are their activities? are they walking alone already?

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Re : Eclampsia survivor

Postby aajatwins » Wed Oct 06, 2010 01:21 pm

Welcome to the forums :)
Thank you for sharing your story and your heart. It always makes me glad to read success stories.

My story is similar to yours, but I wasn't sick like you. I had high blood pressure, but the doctors didn't think much of it because it was twins. I did go through preterm labor, but made it to 36 weeks. Most doctors consider that full term for twins. I was at the hospital in labor when I had my seizures, and for that I am forever grateful to God. I think the worst, like you said, was waking up in the ICU alone, confused, and not pregnant. and then not being able to hold my babies for days.

I think our boys are the same age, too! What a wonderful blessing to able to celebrate a year of life for our sweet babies!

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Eclampsia survivor

Postby mamatchka » Tue Oct 05, 2010 09:11 pm


i am a newbie and im very glad i found this site a few days ago and now a part of this forum, i read a lot of amazing stories from parents and it touch me completely since i am also a mother of a premature baby boy who was born 29 weeks( 7 months ) earlier.

i would like to share my experience too because it was near-death, unimaginable and unforgettable one.

i am a healthy woman before i get pregnant, and my normal blood pressure is always low. lower than the normal 120/80, i got pregnant last December 2008 at the the age of 28, then i gave birth last year.

things get complicated after the 1st month of my pregnancy, started to have nausea, easily tired, no appetite on any food at all, constipation, badly dehydrated, and worst of all is that i puke/vomit more than 20 times a day. things get worst each passing day, and what hangs me on is that i am always counting all the blessings i got specially i have a very understanding, loving, caring and supporting husband beside me all the time.

it was a very hard pregnancy during that time since i suffer from depression, anxiety, easily hurt and very sensitive in a lot of things. the most frightening moment is that i had 2 times convulsion at home, and 1 at the hospital before i was rushed in the operating room for Caesarean section, so all in all, 3 TIMES CONVULSION. i was totally blinded or lost my vision at home alone then i recover my vision temporarily and then again i got blinded while i was in the hospital.

after they put the general anesthesia on me i was totally unconscious for almost a day, i woke up in the middle of the night not knowing where i am, for it was a very quite, cold place and then, shock! seeing myself stuck in the hospital bed, very dizzy and drowsy, with alot of wires in my chest, noisy monitor above me, oxygen tube on my nose, 5 IV needles on my 2 hands and pain on my abdomen, then everything flashes back and one nurse came and tell me exactly where i am, well, I WAS IN THE ICU,
yes, i was in the ICU for 3 days and 2 nights, it was shocking that me and my son could have died if we arrive a little bit late.

but what breaks my heart is knowing my son is also battling himself against death in the NICU, and i felt so hopeless that moment since i cannot even see him immediately for the nurses in-charge on my safety in the ICU have to monitor and check my bp, my urine, etc, couple of times in an hour, it was such a painstaking hours just lying and watching my son only in the video taken by my husband.

i am indeed very blessed by God for He helps my husband keeping his sanity, helps him endure all the pain and surrow, He leads him the right way to hold on, to never give-up, to face all his fears, to be grateful to be hopeful and patient while me and my son were battling our own lives. imagine the tough times he had while juggling his time going back and forth, to me and to my son. he even spent a night and sleep just outside the ICU, just to be near me and spend more time with our son.

well, to cut the story short, mine was already eclampsia and was kinda famous for some of the doctors and interns in the hospital since the last time they encounter a patient less severe than i had was more than 10 years ago.... and my baby was born 29 weeks and 1 day, 1 kilo and 135 grams and with jaundice, anemia and with a hole in his heart, praise God it closes by itself 2 weeks after he was born, he stayed in the NICU for 45 days, and the doctors praise him for he's very strong, a fighter and his development was so amazing and improving good day by day. he was release in the NICU when he reaches 2 kilos and 500 grams.

now my little angel is 1 year old and 3 months this coming October 10, hes a happy, healthy, charming, friendly, sweet, loving, talkative, curious, beautiful and smart baby, he even try to sing songs on his own language, ;) and soon he will start to walk by himself. i may have a death defying pregnancy, suffered traumatic experience in the ICU AND NICU but its worth it for now i have a very special son which im very proud of everywhere i go. and a family where i can count on in tough times and good times. and also im proud to say we were in the best hands of those team of doctors and nurses who gave their best efforts to help us save our lives specially my son's life.

thank you very much for reading my story, cheers to those to who made it safe, mother and children, and to those who are in their ordeal, please dont give up, pray hard, and even if you see your baby inside the incubator with all those tubes, etc. dont let them feel your fears, weaknesses, your surrows, your pain and anguish, your and resentment. instead touch them, hold them gently but with assurance that you are there for them, that you love them unconditionally, talk to them, sing to them slowly but not loud, and if you can hold them in your arms already, do the KANGAROO CARE as much as you can. and whisper to them all the time, LOVE AND GRATEFULNESS.
believe me, IT HELPS big time, coz thats what my husband taught me every time i break down and cried thousand times, and thats one of the big factors and reasons why my son's recovery was very fast and promising, and one thing for sure is that nothing can beat the magic and healing touch between the parents and the premature babies.

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