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Re: Older Former Preemie with ADHD-type issues

Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2010 04:33 pm
by kellyo19
While my daughter was not a premie, she was IUGR and low birthweight. We had been thinking the last few yrs she was going to be ADHD but when we did the ADHD questionairre, the ped said she didn't have enough criteria and he thought perhaps it was sensory (need for lots of input and movement). Sent us to a pediatric occupational therapist who worked with us... by the end of the 2nd appt she said our daughter is Sensory Processing Disorder, with subcategories Sensory-Seeker (the ADHD-like behavior), with Under-Responsive to pain and body signals, and Over-Responsive to loud noises, along with potentially Dyspraxia due to poor handwriting. We have weekly OT appts and have at-home therapies we do. I remember the OT saying that many times sensory-seekers are diagnosed as ADHD but when medicated, the meds don't work so parents and drs keep trying new meds and it never seems to work. She estimated 20-25% of all ADHD kids are actually sensory-seekers.

Excellent books to try: Out of Sync Child, the Out of Sync Child has Fun (at-home OT therapies to try), The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder by Ostovar Your library might be able to get these for you. I highly recommend taking your child to a pediatric OT - many are also trained to recognize ADHD, SPD, Autism, etc. is a great website.
http://www.sensory-processing-disorder. ... klist.html is a pretty exhaustive checklist for various subtypes.

Hope this helps. You can also email me if you want, make a note that you're from the PE Foundation website in your Subject line.

Older Former Preemie with ADHD-type issues

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 03:11 am
by ladybug76135
Back on the old forum one of you guys had posted some books about sensory-seeking issues and former micropreemies. If you're still out there, can you post again? My 7 year old (former 28 weeker) is having major issues and I need some advice. We've tried 2 different standard ADHD meds and they just made things a LOT worse. Any help is appreciate.