feeding issues with solid food

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feeding issues with solid food

Postby JB » Mon May 07, 2012 00:45 am

Hi everyone,

My daughter was born at 29+6 weeks and weighed 2 lb 10 oz. She was in the NICU for 7 weeks and was on the ventilator, cpap, feeding tubes, etc. She is now 13 months old and doing really well on growth (~30% for weight, 95+% for height), but is having difficulty transitioning from formula to solid food. She hardly puts anything in her mouth except cloth items like blankets and stuffed animals or smooth solid items like board books or smooth toys. She doesn't self-feed much at all (this week at feeding therapy she brought a spoonful of food to her mouth for the first time). She never puts finger foods in her mouth, she just plays with them. She also never holds her own bottle, even though she is strong enough to pick it up and throw it. She did bring a sippy cup of water to her mouth to drink once, but she usually just pours it out and plays with it. Sometimes she will take sips from her cup or take bites from cookies or crackers, but usually only when it is put in her mouth for her.

Have any of you had any of these types of issues with your preemies? Her feeding therapist said sometimes preemies have issues with textures around their mouths because of all the tubes and tape and ventilators, etc. that they were exposed to in the NICU, and that is probably why she is slow to take to solid food and self-feeding. If you have had these issues, did your babies eventually grow out of it? Do you have any advice for things that helped? My daughter currently sees her therapist once a week and is making some progress each week, but it still feels slow.
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