? About Scar from Ruptured IV

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Re : ? About Scar from Ruptured IV

Postby deerhart » Mon Oct 04, 2004 07:38 am

hmm, I have a scar in the middle of the front of my head (I rammed a bolt into my forehead at around age 3 when I was running under some bleachers and smacked my head into it). It required 2-3 stitches and no hair grows there. It did get somewhat bigger as I got older (and the skin stretched) but it is in a spot where my hair easily covers it.

On a boy though I can see where that can be a bigger problem (espeically if he wnats his hair crew cut when he's older!) as the receding hairline runs in my hubby's family (except his is from birth and ALex has it too).

I think skin on the head is much different because the skin will stretch and even if the scar does fade, the hair follicles have been destroyed, thus not allowing hair to grow in anyways.


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? About Scar from Ruptured IV

Postby maxs mom » Sat Oct 02, 2004 09:57 pm

When Max was in the hospital, he had many IVs. His PICC line got infected, and actually implanted the infection on his heart valve, which wasn't discovered for 2 months or so. So, in effect, Max kept getting the same strain infection back. The treatment for endocroditis (vegetation on the heart) is 4 weeks antibitoics, and he kept only getting 2 weeks of antibiotics, so in essence after a week or two off antibiotics, he would get another infection. Well finally he was diagnosed correctly. So he ended up having many, many IVs, because antibiotics was the only thing going through the IV it was hard on the veins. He needed a new IV with almost every dose (we would be cheering when it would last as long as a day) (Oh, and PICC line was out of the question again, because we always felt that it caused the problem to begin with, and we were right)

So anyway...as you can guess with all of the IVs, Max ended up with some in his head. No biggie, BUT the upsetting thing was two seperate IVs on his hairline ruptured his veins. Now he has scars there and no hair will grow in that spot (luckily he has a lot of hair, but if he takes after dad... he may get a receding hairline) I thought the scars would fade over time, but they have gotten bigger as he has gotten bigger, so the bald spots are getting bigger, and it bums me out. If he takes after my side of the family, it should never be an issue because he will always have enough hair to hide it, but if he takes after DH, I am afraid he isn't going to like the two bald spots (one is right at the top of his hairline, so in a weird spot).

Has anyone heard of anything that can be done? Has your child had a scar that kept getting bigger, did it eventually shrink?? I guess worse case scenario is Max will have to get hair implants if it bothers him when he is older.

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