It is killing me not being able to bring my baby

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Re : It is killing me not being able to bring my baby

Postby sandy » Wed Oct 20, 2004 09:57 am

She's beautiful. Sending you lots of wishes for strength and patience right now. I remember saying those exact words ("...killing me not being able to bring my baby home...") not so long ago. And since you probably aren't getting a definite date of discharge, that makes it even harder because it might feel like this could go on forever (yet it doesn't, but knowing that probably doesn't help you right now).

Hang in there. One day at a time. Celebrate the little milestones. Wish there was something I could say to help, but I'm pretty sure there isn't. Keep us posted on her progress!

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Re : It is killing me not being able to bring my baby

Postby mom2tori » Wed Oct 20, 2004 09:05 am

Stacey, I love the pictures, she is so sweet!! I know it really stinks leaving the hospital without a baby. You don't quite feel like a complete parent when your baby is laying in the hospital and you are sitting at home without her. My daughter was in the hospital for about 5 and a half weeks and the closer it came to her coming home the worse it got. You can see the progress and wish you could speed up the time a little just to have her home in her own bed and rock her in your own rocking chair. Look how good she is doing there and the nurses and doctors are the best subsitute for you you could possibly hope for. You will finally get her home after all the waiting and all the excitement and go, now what?! It will be so surreal and dream like it will take a while to realize she is finally there with you. Just think, once she gets home you don't have to put her down or leave the room without her. It seems like forever but it will come sooner than you think and then you will be able to keep her as close to you as you want. Waiting is hard, but so is being a parent, right? It is all worth it, all of the waiting will be forgotten shortly after you walk through your door carrying your daughter. Stay strong and be patient just a little longer, you are almost there!!! I will pray she will be able to come home soon. God bless!

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It is killing me not being able to bring my baby

Postby staceyinohio » Wed Oct 20, 2004 08:49 am

home from the hospital...I think it is almost worse because she is doing so good...So I am getting more anxious...She is now in an open isolete and keeping her body temp...Her only obstacle left is eating without tiring out...She can take a bottle great and has done great at the breast, but she gets so sleepy for the next feed. She can only handle every other feed bottle or breast. So they are rotating the tube with bottle/breast.She is now up to 3lbs12oz.
I really thought it would get easier as time went on, but it is getting harder and harder to leave her there. ... s/1216.jpg ... /10162.jpg

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