Sleeping Position question

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Re : Sleeping Position question

Postby tahoe4 » Tue Nov 30, 2004 07:54 am

My baby was on her stomach in the NICU. When we asked the nurses if we could put her on her stomach at home they said NO. The only reason they can do it in the NICU is because they are able to monitor her heartrate since she was hooked up to the machines. Since we're not able to do that at home, they wanted us to put her on her back. So for the first 6 or 7 months she slept on her back, then she began to sleep on her stomach as soon as she could roll over and she's slept that way ever since...


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Re : Sleeping Position question

Postby iansmom » Mon Nov 29, 2004 12:18 am

Back sleeping is not natural - most babies don't like it. If it were me, I would let her sleep on her tummy while on the monitor. Drew has always slept on his tummy. I was very nervous at first, but then decided to ride it out. He has always slept with us and is breastfed, so I did not really worry about SIDS. Now he rolls at will and always ends up on his tummy! Good luck - she will be rolling before you know it.

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Re : Sleeping Position question

Postby caitlynsmama » Sat Nov 27, 2004 04:36 pm

Caitlyn slept mainly on her back and her side when she came home but we had problems too with the shape of her head. She starting sleeping on her own on her belly after the 12 month mark. I think it helped her finally get the hang of crawling too.

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Re : Sleeping Position question

Postby hannahsmom » Wed Nov 10, 2004 04:13 pm

Hannah was a 26 weeker and has always slept on her tummy until recently - now she sleeps on her side (she's three years old).The NICU nurses said they always put the preemies on their tummies because on their backs they feel like they are not secure, like they had been in their mommies' tummies. When she was first born she stayed on her back for the first few days because she was so critical they didn't want to move her - so they put a beanie baby on top of her to make her feel like she was still in the womb. Then after that they moved her to her tummy, and there she stayed for the next three years! When we first brought her home, she was on an apnea monitor so I wasn't too worried. But then after the monitor came off I worried, but not too much. We just made sure her crib was safe. Good luck!

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Re : Sleeping Position question

Postby cmartin04 » Tue Nov 09, 2004 09:57 pm

Ditto to SueAnn. That's exactly how my DD slept - either on her tummy on top of me or my DH or on her back in the crook of one of our arms. We also swaddled her and propped the end of the mattress up where her head would be and she layed on her back or side. She slept some nights like that in her bassinet.

Good luck with finding something that works for her.

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Re : Sleeping Position question

Postby season » Sun Nov 07, 2004 11:14 pm

I'm sorry you're having to struggle with this. I always wondered if it was not so helpful when the hospital lets them tummy sleep. When you put her on her back is she flat? Could you prop up the bed, or get a wedge so that she's a bit propped up? Many factors including reflux and or stuffy nose make the back not as pleasant a sleeping position. Aslo have you tried swaddling her TIGHTLY? She may like the curled postion on her tummy. Swaddling can give that to her on her side or back.

Also, my DS had stuffy nose issues. He ended up sleeping in one of two ways: either on his tummy on top of me or propped on his back on my or Dh's arm.

I hope you figure out something that works for all of you.

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Re : Sleeping Position question

Postby deerhart » Sun Nov 07, 2004 06:05 pm

We always put both boys to bed on their backs and they would roll themselves either to thier side or when they were able to roll over to their tummy (by 3 months for each of them, took both until 5 months to be able to roll from tummy to back)

From what our ped told us, if the baby moves to their stomach to leave them that way instead of rolling them ack over because it will only wake them up and they will just roll back over again.


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Re : Sleeping Position question

Postby mom2tori » Sun Nov 07, 2004 01:18 pm

My daughter hated to be on her back and would only sleep on her side occasionaly. We were a little worried about her on her tummy after she was done with the apnea monitor but because I am one of the neurotic mothers who has to look at her baby all the time I let her on her tummy if that was the way that worked best for her but I was looking in on her all the time so that made me feel better about her being on her tummy. By the time she was 4 months old she was sleeping all night and had switched herself to sleeping on her back. Good luck finding a happy medium between what you want and what your baby wants.

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Re : Sleeping Position question

Postby raindrop » Sun Nov 07, 2004 10:34 am

both my kids were early, not as early as yours but neither would ever sleep on their back. No matter how much we tried. I finally told my doctor they could come and try and get them to sleep on their backs and they quit telling me about it. I also had one of the positioner things for my DS and he hated it too, so I finally just give up and put him on his stomach, plus with his reflux one of his docs said it probably didnt bother him as much on his stomach.

Good Luck

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Sleeping Position question

Postby mlcoltrain » Sun Nov 07, 2004 09:21 am

What position did your preemie sleep in when they came home. My DD was born 7/24/04 at 27.5 weeks and just came home on Oct. 8th, she is on an apnea monitor, and now oxygen only at night. She is will be 3wks adjusted on Tuesday. She was a stomach sleeper in the NICU, I know they tend to have them sleep on their tummies because it's easier to curl them up into a ball that way also. They did try to get her to sleep on her side or her back and for a while she would sleep on her side, but never her back, she hated it, would fuss a lot. Eventually all the nurses learned that DD slept best on her stomach so that is where they put her. Now we are at home and her doctor says she should sleep on her back but he also said it's ok for now that she is on her stomach since she is on her apnea monitior. Since we brought her home we've been putting her down on her stomach, but we are thinking that we should start transitioning her to sleeping on her back, but she hates it. The only time I can get her to actually not fuss on her back is if she is just bone tired or hold her until she is in such a deep sleep she doesn't even notice when I put her down. We still let her sleep on her stomach at night, but DH wants me to try to get her to sleep on her back during the day. Of course he is not home to listen to her cry. I am not sure if she doesn't like her back because she can't move her head as much or her body, because when she is on her stomach she will pick her head up and turn it and look the other way, and sometimes I notice her frustration when she is on her back and trying to move her head. And we place her near the bottom of her bassinet so there is something for her to push off on, she likes to push with her legs and that is harder for her to do on her back, her legs just end up flailing in the air. We have one of those foam brace things that you can prop a baby on to get them to sleep on their side, but she doesn't like that either. I am just at a loss, I've read that preemies are more at risk of SIDS and that stomach sleeping isn't good for it either. I have a friend whose baby is a stomach sleeper but she was a term baby. We do have a baby monitor that detects motion and sound for when she finally is in her crib and off her monitors, but I'm just scared that it could be bad if we continue to just let her sleep on her stomach (once she is off the monitors). I know that some babies are just stomach sleepers, and DD might be one, I guess I am just wondering what the risks are if we just let her be, or any suggestions on getting her to sleep on her back.

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