Speech questions

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Re : Speech questions

Postby hannahsmom » Thu Jan 01, 637339 12:37 pm

You can request an eval from early intervention/birth to three program. Our doctor said Hannah didn't need speech, but he said since I was concerned he would request the eval. Turns out she was more than 6 months behind and she got free ST through the program. Good luck!

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Re : Speech questions

Postby kylesmom » Thu Jan 01, 637339 7:48 am

As a speech therapist with a Birth-to-Three program, I would agree with the others and tell you not to worry. Especially if you think she is understanding you. Is she pointing at things and gesturing? Following simple directions? I usually find that kids have more words than parents realize. They don't have to be articulated clearly to be counted as a "word." As long as they use the sound combinations consistently to label something, it counts!

Mine is almost 19 months old and doing exactly the same thing, but he uses a lot of baby signs.

If she starts getting really frustrated because you don't understand what she is saying or you have concerns about her hearing or what she understands, you should definitely talk to your pediatrician about a referral to your local early intervention program.

Hope that helps... Good luck! [:)]

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Re : Speech questions

Postby alexp » Tue Dec 09, 637338 3:25 pm

I wouldn't worry...it sounds like she's doing great and the fact that she's using inflection is a really good sign. Mine are almost 20 months and still speaking mostly "Bablish" [:)] (Jessica, that is the perfect way to describe it)

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Re : Speech questions

Postby deerhart » Tue Dec 09, 637338 9:14 am

at 2 years old they should have something like 20 recognizable words and start to string 2 wrods together every once in awhile. By 2 1/2 they are getting to be understandalbe between 50-75% of the time and its usually by age 3 that its expected that a stranger can understand your child 75-100% of the time.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the babble completely disappears either becuase some children use it as a form of pretend play (becuase they like, becuase they don't want others to understand, who knows) so you may still see it occuring every once in awhile even up until mid school age (remember how fun it is to make up and say silly words). Mason is just now getting to 2 1/2 and he is about 75% understandable but still uses babble quite a bit. It could be pure babble or just that he is dropping sounds or stringing some words together so quickly we can't distinguish them (all of which is still normal).

The more improtant thing imo to look for is if she is using the same babble or soundings for the same object over and over again. This is a sign that she is able to start using the language by associating certain words (or sounds) with a specific object or idea (example if every time she gets a drink she says something like Cee Cee it could be her version of the word cup) Mason went from di di to dink (short I) to d(r)inkie (with and without the r) for the word drink over the last year.


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Re : Speech questions

Postby meg » Tue Dec 09, 637338 4:47 am

Jessica is right. Right at 18 months is the exact time this is supposed to happen too.!! They babble and ramble on in what sounds like sentences with inflection in their voice and everything but its not real words. Its an important stage in speech development and usualy come right before they big language explosion of real words ( sometime right before 2 years old). SHe sounds totaly normal and on track! I about freaked when my first son did this but I have several speech therapist friends who told me it was normal and sure enough, but the time he was 21-22 months he was talking up a storm!

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Re : Speech questions

Postby tafkap » Tue Dec 09, 637338 1:55 am


Sounds totally, completely normal to me! Baby babble is a very critical part of early speech. It has a lot more significance than you might think. The ability to inflect her voice to show emotion is also a very positive sign. Preemie or no, I think she sounds like a normal, typical baby! : ) Of course if you are worried, ask your pediatrician at her 18 month check up.

My daughter turns 17 (15.3 adjusted) months on Sunday, and she does the same thing. She will "learn" new words, say them, and then the next day it's like she never said it at all. She speaks in a mixture of English/Baby babble (Bablish.

I've talked to several parents who say that sometimes kids will just start talking in sentences at the age of 2- like they have been talking their whole lives.

So I think we've got a few months before we really have to worry, IMHO.

: )

Congrats on your 2nd pregnancy! How exciting!!

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Speech questions

Postby caitlynsmama » Tue Dec 09, 637338 1:22 am

Ok, I have not popped in here for a little while and I regret that I have been so obsessed with my new pregnancy but Caitlyn has been doing really well. She walks like a champ, tries to run all the time, CLIMBS everything. Her speech worries me still though. The tone of her voice is like she is actually carrying on a conversation with us but she still talks baby babble. Every once in a while I hear a clear word. I know she knows them and says them at times but the majority of the time she looks me in the eye and talks babble. But her voice raises up and down like it would normally with each word she says. She just turned 18 months (16 adjusted), what do you all think? Should I worry? I have been letting her do things on Caitlyn time and she does well but I am still a worried preemie mom if you know what I mean.

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