How was Saving Grace?

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Re : How was Saving Grace?

Postby audrey s. » Mon Nov 09, 2009 01:08 am

Yay! for it being in Seattle, I may be able to come!

Will they post any part of it? I would like Rebecca to hear Christopher's talk. I know she wishes it had never happened, because of how it affected her (and possibly will in the future); it would be nice to hear from another "kid" about his perceptions.

Very, very awesome. I truly hope to attend some day, hopefully in 2010. Even though my pregnancy will have been 15 years ago by then, pre-e still touches my life daily. I also talk with moms of my patients frequently and refer the pre-e moms to this site; they so often think they are alone and have "never heard of anyone who had it before." Strength in numbers!

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