Volunteer Training Conference 2006

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Volunteer Training Conference 2006

Postby eleni » Fri Apr 07, 2006 04:00 pm

Greetings from the national office! If you are registered with the Preeclampsia Foundation, you have probably received an email invitation to join us for a very inspiring weekend this summer. If not, please consider this invitation and feel free to call our toll-free number 800-665-9341 for more information or check out the Annual Conference section of our forum.

The Preeclampsia Foundation (PF) is planning a training and development conference to be held in Indianapolis this summer. Our hats off to our generous and gifted Indiana members for hosting us!

The objective is to provide training and education to a highly motivated and committed group of people - our volunteers! It will also be an opportunity to present volunteer opportunities to those members seeking to participate in "the cause" in a more direct way. Volunteers can contribute in a variety of meaningful ways to the core objectives of the PF - providing information and education to our key audiences, fundraising, or providing local support to those impacted by preeclampsia. The goal of the conferences is to provide you with the information and tools that you will need to serve as a representative for the PF in your local community.

Learning objectives include:

Learn the medical basics of preeclampsia to be able to share it with individuals or groups (theory, diagnostics, statistics, long-term impact, current research).

Develop a plan to provide preeclampsia education and awareness in your community.

Explore specific opportunities for forming alliances with other organizations within your community that will assist in raising awareness, distributing information or providing support for local members.

Brainstorm and share fundraising ideas with other local volunteers.

Get "media savvy" to develop a local public relations program.

Understand the strategic focus of the Preeclampsia Foundation to be able to link your local efforts with our national programs.

Understand the basics of providing support to women and their families experiencing preeclampsia, preeclampsia survivors and those who have suffered a loss. Develop sound resources that extend beyond your capabilities.

We don't want cost to be a "show stopper" for you. We are trying to make scholarships available on a limited basis for currently active volunteers. A formal program, logistical details, final payment information and hotel room rates will be provided via email as we approach the conference date.

This is a great opportunity for you to engage in the life-changing work of the PF. The leadership team is eager to meet you in Indiana!

Eleni Tsigas
Acting Director and
Chairman of the Board

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