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Who's Who at the PF

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 637661 1:31 pm
by eleni
The Preeclampsia Foundation is in such a dynamic place right now! Organizationally, we’ve achieved some excellent traction -- after more than a year of "rebuilding" our infrastructure, developing an awesome Operations Team (at least the skeleton of one), and working to develop a strategic plan to carry us into the next couple of years. The board is still working on long-range plans, while the Operations Team is settling into place with the task of executing on short-term goals.

As such, I wanted to share a Who's Who list with you to better direct your questions, ideas and talents. I'll try to keep this updated as new people come on board. We are still looking to fill some key positions so we are by no means a fully functioning organization and all our admonitions to "please be patient with us" still apply. Most importantly, our transitional status as an All Volunteer Organization is still in place -- this means that we are all doing our PF work late at night, in between baby feedings, carpools, caring for households and spouses, “real” paid jobs, and anything else you can imagine. Our continued gratitude goes to the scores of volunteers who have committed to serving the cause. Every life we impact keeps us going!

Who's Who and What Are They Doing
Jaime Nolan, Director of Operations, oversees the administrative, financial, technical, legal and basic operations of the organization. She is tasked with establishing and maintaining the best non-profit organization business practices. Contact [url=""]Jaime ([/url] if you have questions about....
· copies of the PF's annual reports or other organization documents
· event insurance
· Local Events: accounting practices, upcoming events, hosting an event
· getting a receipt for your donation; 501c3 Information, Matching Gifts, Tax receipts
· getting brochures, Rx pads, magnets, White Papers, banners and any other materials
· anything else that you're not sure what to do with!

On Jaime's team, contact [url=""]Ileana Balcu, IT Coordinator ([/url], if you have questions about the technical aspects of our website or about our National Preeclampsia Registry (NPR).

Carol Hamilton, Director of Volunteer Development, oversees one of our most important assets -- our volunteers. She is tasked with mobilizing local volunteers to contribute to the PF's mission, including providing training and education, developing tools to facilitate local preeclampsia education and awareness building, building alliances with like-minded organizations, and recruiting and retaining the best people. Contact [url=""] Carol ([/url] if you have questions about...
· volunteering for the PF in your city or state
· starting or joining a local group
· distributing patient information materials (brochures, flyers, etc.)

Catherine O'Connell, Director of Research, oversees our research agenda, including developing consistent procedures for how researchers may use the PF, what research we drive or engage in and how. Contact [url=""]Catherine ([/url] if you have questions about posting a call for study participants or otherwise enlisting the PF's support for your research.

Laura Muller, Director of Patient Support, oversees our online Forum, crisis response, and developing additional resources for patient and family support. Contact [url=""] Laura ([/url] if you have questions about any of those areas.

On Laura's team, contact [url=""] Fiona Morrow ( [/url] if you have questions about the Forum content or [url=""] Erik ([/url] if you are having technical problems with the Forum.

We have open positions for our Communications and Development Department directors so I'm filling in for the time being in a limited capacity, but we do have some people who have specific responsibilities in those areas.

Contact [url=""] Molly Laureto, Newsletter Coordinator ([/url], if you have ideas or contributions for our new quarterly newsletter, Volunteer News.

Contact [url=""] Lauren Larsen, Saving Grace 2006 event chairperson ([/url], if you have ideas or would like to be on the planning committee for the October 27th event in San Francisco.

Contact [url=""]Kris Stevens, National Walk-A-Thon Coordinator ([/url], if you have questions about our annual walk-a-thon.

Finally, while I'm technically the Chair of the Board and Acting Executive Director, I'm really the coach for this amazing team. If you have thoughts or ideas that don't fit naturally somewhere above, you're welcome to contact [url=""]me at[/url].

Warmest regards,