No Dr. Lindheimer, it's no April Fool's Joke...

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No Dr. Lindheimer, it's no April Fool's Joke...

Postby annegarrett » Mon Apr 05, 2004 07:09 pm


Are the events as described below (the sequential story of pregnant woman with hypertension and proteinuria under the care of a “high risk” expert) real and accurate or is this an April first joke? (referencing the following forum thread--

If not the latter, and you wish advice regarding what can be done about suspected substandard prenatal care of a high risk patient, especially the "in hospital events" that that baby seems to have fortuitously survived, I can suggest the following: Most areas of the country have a systems of audits where high risk pregnancies. Difficult pregnancies, especially when outcomes are bad are suppose to be reviewed at periodic hospital conferences. Such reviews are requirements for a hospitals accreditation, and some are mandated through local board of health policies. One should ensure that the case goes through the appropriate hospital or perinatal network review in the area where it took place. Probably, or hopefully, then, this MD will hear from his colleagues. Such reviews are a not recorded and are aimed at bettering practice. But if care is discovered to be egregious, some institutions place poorly practicing physicians on probation. I can only speak from experiences in my own area, but more often than not (and despite stories to the contrary), the obstetric community tries hard to police its practitioners, educate itself and to improve its statistics.


Dr. Marshall Lindheimer
Preeclampsia Foundation Medical Board

Thanks Marshall! Ladies--got that? File a complaint. Good doctors don't want bad doctors getting away with muddying their names.

Anne Garrett
Executive Director
Preeclampsia Foundation

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